Monday 25 November 2013


*check out a live set by MOXIEBEAT here.

GenresPunk / Noise Rock / Hardcore / Sludge
Related artistsDogs of Ire, Rogue State and Restrained.
Country: 2013, present
Years Active: 2013-present
Song: "Art of the City"
Album: "Moxiebeat"
Year: 2013
This post's artist is from the October 2013 Mix. This is track #10.
You can download the October 2013 Mix right here.
For fans of: Cassilis, Callow, Llynch, Phoenix Bodies, Tentacles, The Catalyst, Ruptures,
                    Doomriders, Maximum R'n'R, Every Time I Die, Rye Coalition, Arbogast 
                    and Dangers!.

MOXIEBEAT play dirty, bass driven hardcore that reminds me of a few bands right away; The Catalyst, Ruptures, Doomriders, Maximum R'n'R, Rye Coalition and Dangers. EP talk about it.

There are lots of different styles going on:
-"Avoiding You" has a dark, City Of Caterpillar-esque outro
-"Old News Forever" gets so hard I thought I was listening to the new Zozobra record
-"Art of the City" is very The Catalyst, but also includes some sass that reminds me of The Blood Brothers (albeit much grimier), but is more musically in line with Ruptures.

I do believe this band is coming through Toronto next week. If that's the case, I will be posting live videos soon.


2013 - Moxiebeat EP (stream/buy/download here)


(2013) MOXIEBEAT - "Dead Words" (from 'Moxiebeat')
MOXIEBEAT additional links

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  1. They're going on a Mexican tour right now with a band named Walle, they are great too.