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GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Rock
Related artistsCaution Children, Small Life Within, Beating A Horse To Death, Loner,
                         Deadline For A Critic and Behold The Man.
Country: Palm Bay, Florida USA
Years Active: 2005-present
Song: "Sinking With The Sunset"
Album: "Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset"
Year: 2013
This post's artist is from the October 2013 Mix. This is track #16.
You can download the October 2013 Mix right here.
For fans of: Neil Perry, City Of Caterpillar, Book Of Dead Names, State Faults,
                   Funeral Diner, Envy, A Day In Black And White and Mesa Verede aka
                   PROPER Screamo.

I am going to focus my efforts on GILLIAN CARTER's 'Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset', much like good comedians dump their old material once they refine newer material, and speak strictly about the band's new 10" of the fucking year.

First off, I love this album. Secondly, 4 tracks on this album are head and shoulders above the other 4. "Dissertation #1 (Trapped)", "Waking Up (Lost Ships)", "I've Been Forgotten And So Have You" and "Sinking With The Sunset" are damn-near perfect.

"Sinking With The Sunset" is probably my vote for the most driving and complete aggressive screamo track of 2013. The other 3 songs just mentioned, for some strange reason, never really hit the mark that really sets them apart from other screamo bands until halfway through the tracks - that's when I go bat-shit crazy.

The second half of "Dissertation #1 (Trapped)" is probably the heaviest and most engaging 35 seconds on the album, with the instrumentals booming along in a way that reminds me of A Day In Black And White, Mesa Verde and Envy when they used to bring down the fucking house.

The band even incorporates some clean/gruff singing vocals on the opening track "Recently..." which are reminiscent of Hot Water Music or Make Do And Mend, as well as some folksy gang vocals that may or may not have been recorded while drinking heavily in the hold of a ship on "Time (All That Is Left Is Fading)".

I think an accurate and general comparison for screamo fans would be Book Of Dead Names / State Faults-sounding vocals, cavernous and epic instrumentals that bring to mind City Of Caterpillar / Envy as well as the speed and driving force of Neil Perry. For those of  you unacquainted with the finer art... of screamo bands - saetiate your appetite with GILLIAN CARTER if you enjoy a mixture of melodic hardcore and screamy emo.

Regardless of the band's comparisons or genre classification, 'Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset' is an album that surprised the hell out of me (considering I had heard the band's older material) and took me a little while to fully appreciate, but once I locked on I was able to realize the brilliance of this record. Their next album will be one my most anticipated of the year.



2006 - 2005-2006 Demos cd (stream/buy/download here)

2007 - The Flood That Came After The Storm (stream/buy/download here)

2011- Having Lost... cdLP (stream/buy/download here)

2012 - Ghost Aviary Split cdEP (stream/buy/download here)
2012 - Sam Kuhnz Split cdEP (stream/buy/download here)
2012 - Henrietta / Echo Base Split cd/7"EP (stream/buy/download here)

2013 - Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset 10"LP (purchase 10" here)
2013 - Old NU Songs cdLP (stream/buy/download here)

(2013) GILLIAN CARTER - "Sinking With the Sunset" (from 'Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset')

(2013) GILLIAN CARTER - "I've Been Forgotten And So Have You" (from 'Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset')

(2013) GILLIAN CARTER - "Waking Up (Lost Ships)" (from 'Lost Ships Sinking With the Sunset')
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