Friday 1 November 2013

***BY DIVINE RIGHT exclusive video interview***

This post's artist is from the September 2013 Mix. This is track #17.
You can download the September 2013 Mix right here.

GenresRock / Indie / Garage / Alternative / Shoegaze
Related artistsThe Mark Inside, The Nature Boys, The Golden Dogs,  Holy Fuck,
                        The Meligrove Band, Wooden Stars, Feist, Wintersleep, Drunk Woman,
                        and Broken Social Scene.
Country: Toronto, CANADA
Years Active: 1989-present
Song: "Mutant Message"
Album: "Organized Accidents"
Year: 2013
For fans of: RadioheadNada Surf, Harvey Danger, Marco Solo, Sloan, Eric's Trip,
                    Down With The Butterfly, Arcade Fire, Stephen Brodsky and The Mark Inside.

BY DIVINE RIGHT have been on and off the rock radar in Canada for over two decades. Albums were released.  Members came and went. Recently, the band's founder Jose Miguel Contreras teamed up with Geordie Dynes and Alysha Haugen to solidify a very tight-knit group that writes the band's best songs to date.

BY DIVINE RIGHT's new album 'Organized Accidents' walks a fine line between dream pop and atmospheric rock 'n' roll, not unlike Nada Surf, Harvey Danger, Arcade Fire and other dreamy indie/garage rock bands. There's a lot of variety, just listen to the opening track "Past the Stars". The song saunters in with a killer bass riff and an angular structure, and then next thing you know the song is cradling you like a baby, serenading you to sleep. The band employs some sweet harmonies by guitarist/vocalist Jose and bassist/backup vocalist Alysha. Geordie, former drummer of The Mark Inside, completes the trio on drums and is faster and more engaging than the drummers on previous albums. If you're ever feeling down or it's raining, put this record on. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Being a fellow Anderson High School graduate and Arnold Schwarzenegger enthusiast, Geordie was nice enough to sit down with my brother and I. He gave an honest, passionate and excited interview that is posted below as the edited and shortened version of the interview. The 2nd video are 3 live songs from the band's 'Organized Accidents' record release show. The full 30-minute interview will be posted once it finishes uploading.

A huge thank you goes out to my brother Mike for making the interview look like a proper one!



1992 - Buffet of the Living Dead cassette

1995 - By Divine Right cdLP

1996 - Some cassette

1997 - All Hail Discordia cd/12"LP

1999 - Bless This Mess cdLP

2001 - Good Morning Beautiful cdLP

2004 - Sweet Confusion cdLP
2004 - Hybrid TV Genii cdEP

2009 - Mutant Message 12"LP

2013 - Organized Accidents cd/12"LP


(2013) BY DIVINE RIGHT - "Mutant Message" (from 'Organized Accidents' LP)

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