Tuesday 5 November 2013


GenresPunk / Emotional Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo
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Country: Hokkaido/Sapporo, JAPAN
Years Active: 1998-2009?
Song: "Seen From the Cosmos"
Album: "Funeral Diner split"
Year: 2004
For fans of: Envy, Apollo 18, Hopesfall, YageSed Non Satiata, Beloved, , Dominic,
                   Forstella Ford, Saosin, Funeral Diner, Endor, Zann, Versus The Mirror,
                   This Day Forward, Cave In, Shai Hulud, Mesa Verde and La Parade aka
                   PROPER Screamo.
This post's artist is from the October 2013 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download the October 2013 Mix right here.

What do we got here? 2 songs? Eh, we'll make it work.

I'm sure many people reading this will remember back to 2005 when Funeral Diner was releasing shit willy-nilly. Well, maybe not in those words - but you know what I mean. This 10" mofo dropped and after track one I was all like, "Meh, this singing doesn't really work." Skip to track two and my initial assessment was hastily disassembled. "What in the goddamn hell is this?" was my next question. "Fucking amazing," came the response. Then I never heard from them again. They were a Japanese band. They sounded like a poppier Envy and early-Hopesfall.

This shit is pretty damn engaging. It's massive. It's pretty. It's a lot of good adjectives. So download the songs linked below.

What?!?!?! Whilst doing this review I just stumbled across the fact that this band has released numerous cds in Japan. I have included the 7 songs I have been able to scrape together off of a few albums listed below. If anyone tracks any of these down, please post them! I would presume the only way to find them is to search in Japanese.



2004 - Funeral Diner Split 10" (download here)

2006 - Aurora
DOWNLOAD Aurora/Silent Spring album here!
2007 - Silent Spring

2008 - This Is Forever

2009 - A Decade In Three Ways

2010 - Into The North

Here are 7 scraps from various releases. (download here)

(2004) EVYLOCK - "Photograph Seen From the Cosmos" (from 'Funeral Diner' split)
(2006) EVYLOCK - "Photograph Seen From the Cosmos" LIVE VIDEO
(2009) EVYLOCK - "Photograph Seen From the Cosmos" (from 'A Decade in Three Ways')
EVYLOCK out-of-print discography mp3 downloads
Funeral Diner Split 10" (download here)
EVYLOCK scraps (download here)


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