Tuesday 23 July 2013


This post's artist is from the June 2013 Mix. This is track #17.

Genres: Rock / Indie / Garage / Pop
Related artists: Novels and Graham Wright.
Country: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Years Active: 2005-present
Song: "Juno"
Album: "Elephant Shell"
Year: 2008
For fans of: The Strokes, Nada Surf, Modern Rifles, Fingers cut Megamachine, John Vanderslice, Q And Not U, Bloc Party and Saves The Day.

I got pretty into TOKYO POLICE CLUB right before their last album dropped, 'The Champ' - at which point I had naturally grown out of the phase and this was aided by what I considered to be a weak record in the book Dave.

Their older material, 'Elephant Shell' in particular, is excellent new-wave indie rock not unlike The Strokes and Arcade Fire. This is upbeat, catchy and danceable music for energy relatable to Q And Not You and Bloc Party.

The band generally plays slow to mid-temp jams with drums, varying guitar styles, keyboards and some very thick bass riffs. The vocals are kind of monotone and are very reminiscent of John Vanderslice, who I recently described to my wife as a man that "no other musician sounds like.".

Good stuff for indie rock fans. Plus, Newmarket is pretty close to home for me. And I love The Strokes, and I think of TOKYO POLICE CLUB as The Strokes junior.


2006 - A Lesson In Crime cd/12"ep

2007 - Smith cdep

2008 - Elephant Shell cd/2xcd/12"LP

2010 - The Champ cd/12"LP


youtube )))))embedded official video / audio((((( links

(2008) TOKYO POLICE CLUB - "Your English is Good" (from 'Elephant Shell' cd) OFFICIAL VIDEO

(2008) TOKYO POLICE CLUB - "In a Cave" (from 'Elephant Shell' cd) OFFICIAL VIDEO

(2010) TOKYO POLICE CLUB - "End of a Spark" (from 'Champ' cd)

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