Wednesday 24 July 2013


This post's artist is from the June 2013 Mix. This is track #11.

Genres: Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Punk Rock
Related artists: N/A.
Country: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Years Active: 2011-present
Song: "Rosebuds"
Album: "Every Day Is The Same"
Year: 2011
For fans of: Bright Calm Blue, Four Hundred Years, ComadreKodan Armada, Gospel, Gillian Carter, CaravelsStorm The Bastille, Funeral Diner, Daitro, Itto, Cease Upon The Capitol, Kill Sadie, My First Castle, State Faults, Hot Cross, Envy, Pianos Become The Teeth, Carrion Spring, Daniel Striped Tiger and ...Who Calls So Loud, aka Proper SCREAMO.

You don't need to read this. Fast forward and then listen from 2:00-3:00 in the "Rosebuds" link over here:
I don't know what it will make you feel, but it makes me want to break things because life is so beautiful. Regardless of your reaction, I'm sure you'll know pretty quickly if you'll dig this band or not.

Okay, so that being said - I fucking dig this band. FRAMEWORKS is one of the bands that I'm currently most excited about. When they release a full length I may shit my pants whilst doing a walking, scissoring handstand. Ew.

FRAMEWORKS play very screamy hardcore with spacey riffs and epic song structures. For you newer listeners, FRAMEWORKS may sound like a mixture of The Bled (light) and Pianos Become The Teeth - but are much better than both of these bands, in my humble opinion. I contend that these guys are carrying Bright Calm Blue's torch (especially in the vocal department) and one could also point out Comadre-similarities, whether they know it or not. Therefore, this enables me to love them for 2 different reasons - one for reminding me of BCB and another for making passionate, honest and extremely engaging music. Get your asses over to Toronto, pronto.



2011 - Every Day Is The Same 7"/digital ep (stream/download/buy HERE)

2013 - Small Victories 7"/digital ep (stream/download/buy HERE)


youtube )))))embedded official video / audio((((( links

(2011) FRAMEWORKS - "Rosebuds" (from 'Every Day Is The Same' cd)

(2013) FRAMEWORKS - "Sewn" (from 'Small Victories' cd)

(2013) FRAMEWORKS - "Old Chokes" (from 'Small Victories' cd) OFFICIAL VIDEO

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