Monday 15 July 2013


This post's artist is from the June 2013 Mix. This is track #15.

Genres: Screamo / Jazz / Post-Hardcore / Punk / Rock
Related artists: Saetia, Aim of Conrad, Bore War, Yo-Man Go, and Life Detecting Coffins.
Country: New York, USA
Years Active: 1999-2008
Song: "This Is A Hostage Situation"
Album: "The Heat Death Of The Universe"
Year: 2002
For fans of: Neil Perry, Hot Cross, Loma Prieta, The Fiction, Birthday Boyz, Carrion Spring, Kidcrash, Native, Back When, Storm the BastilleSaetia, Sed Non Satiata, We Were Skeletons and Ampere, aka Proper SCREAMO.

OFF MINOR is one of the major contributors to the screamo genre. Any true music fan should give this band as shot. Sure, there's two guys screaming back and forth - but the jazzy interludes and song arrangements are so amazing that any rock music enthusiast needs to at least give them a legitimate sample. If you are taken aback by the heaviness, just wait. If you listened to the mp3 on the mix you probably heard about 62 seconds of sheer chaos. If you made it through that, the next 40 seconds is bliss - a beautiful off-timed and chilled, jazzy interlude.

Personally, I heard the song "Problematic Courtship" on the internet back in 2002, right around the time that I got into Saetia. I listened to their first cd and the intro verse to "My Recovery" blew my mind. So I checked out the next cd and after being pummelled by the first minute of "This Is A Hostage Situation", I was whisked away into the screamo clouds with the softer interlude I described in the previous paragraph.

It's not for everyone, but I know that this band can bridge gaps based on the accessibility of their instrumental section. The intricate and jazzy guitars are complemented by sporadic drum beats and heavy, shifting bass lines. These groovin' parts generally meander in and out of complex hardcore riffs which are very much like the ones he wrote in Saetia, just much better. Yes, it is possible. Vocally, James (guitars) and Steve (drums), bounce their screaming/talking-yelling off one another and climax by combining their efforts. The lyrics are great and are generally pretty philosophical and obscure.

The links below are pretty self-explanatory in terms of style. All OFF MINOR songs sound like OFF MINOR songs (crazy, I know), so if you like one song then you will probably like them all. Or become totally obsessed with how amazing 'Problematic Courtship' and 'The Heat Death Of The Universe' are. Whatever.

OFF MINOR died in 2008 as I read in the guitar player's blog. It was a difficult read for me when I got to the end, but considering all of the views come straight from James - here and you should also check out his views on Saetia here.

When all is said and done - OFF MINOR's discography is an exemplary collection of intelligent and introspective post-hardcore music that dabbles in jazz, rock, hardcore and metal - which is all held together by 2 guys screaming. That sounds like screamo to me. Check out a downloadable discography (in mp3 form) underneath, and my favourite song links listed below that.


Click )==>here<==( to download  OFF MINOR's complete discography in mp3 form.

2000 - I Am The Resurrection split 12"LP

2002 - Problematic Courtship cd (same songs as split LP and demo tracks)

2002 - The Heat Death of the Universe cd/12"LP

2003 - Life Detecting Coffins split 12" (does anyone have this? gimme.)

2004 - Innominate cd/12"LP
2004 - St. Albans Kids split 7" (PURCHASE HERE)

2005 - My Disco split 7"

2008 - Some Blood 12"LP (PURCHASE HERE)
2008 - Ampere split 7"
2008 - Killie split 7"
2008 - Keep Singing compilation cd (track also appears on 'Killie' split)


These are listed chronologically, so remember, the first link is the band's OLDER MATERIAL!!!
youtube )))))embedded audio((((( links

(2000) OFF MINOR - "Perfect Strangers" (from 'Problematic Courtship' cd)
(you have to click the link in a new window, BlogSpot sucks so much ass)

(2002) OFF MINOR - "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" (from 'The Heat Death Of The Universe' cd)
(2002) OFF MINOR - "Staring Down The Barrel of Limited Options" (from 'The Heat Death Of The Universe' cd)

(2002) OFF MINOR - "The Heat Death Of The Universe" (from 'The Heat Death Of The Universe' cd)

(2002) OFF MINOR - "The Transient" (from 'The Heat Death Of The Universe' cd)
(2002) OFF MINOR - "Spartan" (from 'The Heat Death Of The Universe' cd)
(2004) OFF MINOR - "In SL" (from 'Innominate' cd)
(2004) OFF MINOR - "Cadaveric" (from 'Innominate' cd)
(2004) OFF MINOR - "Killed For Less" (from 'Innominate' cd)
OFF MINOR complete discography mp3 download