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This post's artist is from the June 2013 Mix. This is track #13.

Genres: Punk Rock / Skate Punk / Metal
Related artists: Pulley and Zero Down.
Country: Simi Valley, California, USA
Years Active: 1992-present
Song: "Ultimate Devotion (demo)"
Album: "Physical Fatness compilation"
Year: 1997
For fans of: Pulley, NOFX, Bad Religion, Strike Anywhere, No Use For A Name, Hi-Standard, Frenzal Rhomb, and Zero Down.

Yep. I'm hurtling back through time - imagine my floating body and screaming mouth are distorted, ripped apart and re-assembled. Wow, what an intro. STRUNG OUT was a pretty great skate/punk/metal band that existed during the heyday of skate punk, the mid-to-late nineties. Oh what a glorious time it was. There was no mainstream punk success and glossy/fake pop-punk and nu-metal bands were a few years away.

STRUNG OUT used to blow my innocent punk brain with their technicality. It's not really all that amazing when compared to metal and lots of "punk" music nowadays - but STRUNG OUT directly influenced a plethora of bands that started liking skate punk and decided to branch out into more aggressive music. Protest The Hero is a band that comes to mind rather quickly, as Luke (one of the guitar players) used to discuss them with me on a weekly basis.

The band released a slew of great early-to-mid releases from 1996- 2002 and everything else was just 'meh' to me, as the early stuff isn't very tight and the later stuff is way too glossy and manufactured-sounding.

If you like new-school skate punk (is this still considered "new-school"? damn I'm old) with some technical chops, decent vocals, catchy songs as well as hardcore ones - then STRUNG OUT will be right up your alley. Focus your efforts on the tried and tested albums, namely:

Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues
Twisted By Design
The Element Of Sonic Defiance
An American Paradox


Most of their DISCOGRAPHY

1994 - Another Day In Paradise cdLP

1996 - Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues cdLP

1998 - Twisted By Design cdLP
1998 - Crossroads & Illusions cdep

2000 - The Element Of Sonic Defiance cdep

2002 - An American Paradox cdLP

2003 - Live in a Dive cdLP

2004 - Exile in Oblivion cdLP

2007 - Blackhawks Over Los Angeles cdLP

2009 - Agent Of The Underground cdLP


youtube )))))embedded official video / audio((((( links

(1996) STRUNG OUT - "Bring Out Your Dead" (from 'Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues' cd)

(1998) STRUNG OUT - "Match Book" (from 'Twisted By Design' cd)

(2000) STRUNG OUT - "Savant" (from 'The Element Of Sonic Defiance' cd)

(2002) STRUNG OUT - "" (from 'An American Paradox' cd) VIDEO

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