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This post's artist is from the June 2013 Mix. This is track #2.

Band: ROY
Genres: Rock / Grunge / Shoegaze / Folk / Country / Alternative / Punk
Related artists: Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, Narrows, Helms Alee, Harkonen and Russian Circles.
Country: Tacoma/Seattle, USA
Years Active: 2002-2007
Song: "Rebel Hymn"
Album: "Big City Sin"
Year: 2004
For fans of: The Weakerthans, Harvey DangerNada Surf, Johnny Cash, The Mark Inside, Treble Charger (the old stuff), and Sloan.

Botch was a very heavy band. These Arms Are Snakes were flagrant. Russian Circles are cavernous. ROY...ROY is soothing, honest, desperate and inspiring. And, they play straight-up shoegaze/indie/folk not unlike The Weakerthans, Sloan and Treble Charger. I'm very surprised that ROY is not Canadian, considering all 3 of those bands are. Some examples of influences and styles on the album; "Fucked and Forlorn" sounds like Brian Cook's stab at a Johnny Cash tribute, "Middle Son" has hints of Hot Water Music, "T Town Concrete" oozes old treble charger alternative rock (with much more honesty and integrity than TC),There are definitely some other notable tracks.  "The Bolivian Army Lays Siege to Seattle" which is downright sad and melancholy, but somehow retains a sense of hope and has some serious Weakerthans undertones. "Rebel Hymn" is folk and country romp that ends up being one of the best tracks, and for a rock track with clean singing, this song has balls, and is literally a wave of sound. "Fresh Lies From The Patron Saint of Liars" is an epic song that proves that the spirit of Botch lived within ROY.

Speaking of Botch, I should mention that the bassist/backup vocalist is the ROY singer/guitarist and the the old Botch singer is the ROY drummer. Strange, considering the bands sound NOTHING alike. The other members of ROY spent time in Coalesce, another very heavy band. I read that the old Botch singer said that it was frustrating making music that he thought people would appreciate more than they actually did, which was a major reason for the band's split. If I had been more aware and open to new music back then I would have been all over this.

I don't think anyone needs anymore descriptions or band comparisons - you get the idea.


(I need both of these eps desperately - if get a hold of them, I will post them)
2002 - The White ep
2002 - The Red ep

2003 - Tacomatose cdep

2004 - Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption cdLP

2006 - Killed John Train cdLP

These are listed chronologically, so remember, the first link is the band's OLDER MATERIAL!!!
youtube )))))embedded official video / audio((((( links

(2003) ROY - "T Town Concrete" (from 'Tacomatose' cd)
(2004) ROY - "Rebel Hymn" (from 'Big City Sin' cd)
(2006) ROY - "Fucked and Forlorn" (from 'Killed John Train' cd)

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