Tuesday 27 September 2016

***мятеж Tour Diary - Day #3 Baltimore, MD***

Date: August 11th, 2016

Location: @Skramden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland

Players: Synodus Horrenda, Van Hägar, мятеж and Malicious Code

Genres covered: punk, screamo, hardcore, powerviolence, metal, thrash, noise

Consensus: A righteous and crazy night with the most intense and interactive crowd I've ever played to.

Related Distro items: Upcoming news, мятеж and Synodus Horrenda will be doing a split cassette EP in late 2016!

Details: listed below

This local house show was put on, played by and venued by the almighty Nick and June at their home in Baltimore. These two are 1) hilarious 2) welcoming 3) positive 4) supportive 5) amazing people. Their house and all the guests were fantastic, too, as were the noodles that Nick cooked up for us after the show and June's heroic saving of my stomach using some natural remedies. The band itself was only asked to play the show a few days prior, and they had had only a handful of practices so apparently their set was sloppy, but I didn't even notice (and wasn't told about this until later) that some parts were improvised due the songs being unfinished. The chaotic and abrasive noise/screamo was pretty damn awesome to witness. It should also be noted that Robbie from Eyelet and мища plays drums for this band. As stated above мятеж will be doing a split cassette with Synodus Horrenda in the near future so watch out for that!

Link to song *2*

Van Hägar was next and blasted the kind of noise this house show was made for. Dirty, raw and noisy powerviolence to the max, my friends. Instead of just embedding one song, here's a string totaling 4:58 so you can get a better grasp of the band's stranglehold during a performance. The crowd also got rowdy at this point and almost rolled into Jazzi's leg which caused me to have a near-heart attack. Luckily everyone had fun and no one was hurt! P.S. Jesse is god.
Links to songs *2* / *3*
Simply put, this set felt amazing. I've linked up the set in its entirety, although you'll notice that the mic breaks at the end of the 2nd last song and then the camera stops while we decide what to do, right after you hear Jesse try the mic out and he ends up sounding like a goddamn t-rex. Once the camera comes back it is quite obvious that I've opted for "fuck that mic" and perform "That Plant Gets Me On A Deeply Personal Level" with no microphone. You'll also get to see people spitting beer on one another, posters being ripped down from the walls, and a fun side note is that I vomited in the bathtub after the set because I didn't have anything to eat before "going crazy". It was worth it. I've also posted the Ice Witch picture and her ice cooldown method, which I must say was quite sound. There's also a video of our new friend playing the kazoo right here.
Full Set

Playing a very cool mixture of punk, thrash and metal, these guys are like the dirtier version of Edhochuli. They blew through some raunchy and blazing tunes in less than 30 minutes that had the room pumpin', shakin' as well as pouring beer down their collective crotches aaaaand tons of dope solos. There's a funny 30-second clip of our drummer Nicky doing the chill/spin hardcore dance which sent Jazzi and I into a small laughing fit. I also talked at length with a few of the members and we found we had a ton of friends in common. Thanks Balitmore!!!
Link to song *2* / *3* / *4* (Nicky dancing)

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