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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Grind / Metal / Thrash
Related artistsThe Rulers.
CountryReno, Nevada USA
Years Active1994-2003
Song: "Flowers for Whores"
Album: "Drunken Violence"
Year: 2002
For fans ofInside OutThe EndAdvocate, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Destroyer Destroyer, Convulsant, Phoenix Bodies, Rage Against The Machine, The Expectorated Sequence, Sutek Conspiracy, Owen Hart and Greyskull.
Label(s): Self Released / Revolutionary Power Tools / Equal Vision Records / Fetus Records / Moo Cow Records / Genet Records / Enigmatic / Satans Pimp / 702 Records / 625 Thrashcore / Revelation Records
This post's artist is from the June 2016 Mix. This is track #9.
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I'll make this quick.

I don't know much about FALL SILENT. I'm pretty sure I read a punknews review back in the day because their final album was released on Revelation Records and I decided to order a copy. I liked it. I didn't love it. I jammed it a few times and two or three songs found their way into my massive music archive folder of best songs. I've never listened to anything else the band recorded or released until writing this review, and having jammed a few on youtube here and there I'll just stick to what I know. Although I should quickly mention that 'Superstructure' might be even better than 'Drunken Violence' as it is screamier and closer to stuff such as Advocate and Destroyer Destroyer.

'Drunken Violence' was released in 2002 and is the bastard offspring of punk, thrash, metal and hardcore. The vocals are quite reminiscent of a screamier Zach De La Rocha during his Inside Out days with the pre-2002 material having vocals that almost border on Phoenix Bodies and instrumentation that isn't far from early Ed Gein. The opener (there isn't much to track 1) "Flowers for Whores" is my favourite FALL SILENT song. The crunchy and pummeling punk/hardcore/metal gets breakdowny as fuck 49 seconds in and adds additional weight whilst throwing in a little solo here and there once 1:20 hits. Shit gets really heavy at 2:20 following palm mute city, and the title screamed, "Flowers for whores, we smile cuz we're unaffected. Flowers for whores...". At 2:52 the song comes full circle and begins again with much more emphasis on the breakdown/palm-mute parts. Damn, this song is really good. "Seven Plies" sounds like punk worship of Slayer, but that breakdown just before 1:30 is fucking massive. The stop/start breakdown is followed by some eerie, clean singing that drives the song forward swimmingly. The closing at 2:18 is huge with lyrics of, "I felt invincible, like no one could touch us. You can't touch us!" "Barracuda" is a Heart cover and stays true to the original and FALL SILENT simultaneously, making it a very accessible song when compared to the rest of the band's catalogue.

So there you have it. Well...not it, but about 25% of the band's material. The rest you can listen to and jam yourself if this tickled your fancy. Thanks for reading.



1995 - Never Forget... 7"EP
1995 - Wellington split 7"EP

1996 - No Strength to Suffer cd/12"LP

1997 - Nineteenhundrednineyseven cd/7"EP

1999 - Superstructure cd/cassette/12"LP (download here)

2000 - Life: Beautiful, But Heartless 7"EP

2001 - Six Years in the Desert cd/cassette discography compilation

2002 - Drunken Violence cdLP (download here)


(2002) FALL SILENT - "Flowers for Whores" (from 'Drunken Violence')

(2002) FALL SILENT - "Seven Plies" (from 'Drunken Violence')

(2002) FALL SILENT - "Barracuda" (from 'Drunken Violence')

(2001) FALL SILENT - full live set

(1999) FALL SILENT - 'Superstructure' full album

(1997) FALL SILENT - "Wheel of Pain" (from 'Nineteenhundredninetyseven')

(1996) FALL SILENT - 'No Strength to Suffer' full album


FALL SILENT 'Drunken Violence/Superstructure' mp3 download

(download here)


  1. Hahaha commenting from my old blog which still bears my deadname, whee! Hi Dave, it's Drew. Anyway I really liked Fall Silent back in the day, and actually saw them on the Drunken Violence tour. They were introduced to me in the late 90s by that crew of proto-Short Fast And Loud grind junkies who also had a side thing for super-heavy sludge. Fall Silent were in some way associated with Cali sludge-doom band 16, but also had some associations to the darker side of the Orange County straight edge scene, which birthed Gehenna and Unconquered. Their first album, No Strength To Suffer, was even on Revolutionary Power Tools (which also put out some classic early Gehenna shit), and hits pretty hard with a much more noticeable sludge aspect--I have the CD somewhere and can rip it and send it to you if you'd like. Anyway, yeah, great band who never got their due even when they were on Rev, and now sadly forgotten by way too many people. I have Drunken Violence as well but I think I might download this just to get Superstructure.

    1. Hi Drew! Thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions, I hope you do it for more posts and other readers follow suit! <3