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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Metal / Emo / Screamo / Thrash / Skramz
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CountrySan Diego, California USA
Years Active2006-2007
Song: "Lake Hodges Anthem"
Album: "Barnburner"
Year: 2007
Label(s): Self Released / Dood Records
This post's artist is from the November 2014 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download the October Mix#11 right here or get the new November Mix#12 here.
For fans of: Tigershark, The Setup, OutclassedVoyage In Coma, Jungbluth, Yage, Callow, Kodan ArmadaEdhochuliCassilis, Rats Into Robots, Furnace, Weakness, City Of Caterpillar, Sweetheart, A Day In Black And White and Dillinger 4 aka PROPER SCREAMO.

Like many bands I listen to, I have no idea how I first came across this band. I know I picked up their 7" off of Interpunk years back and thought it was decent. A few years later I came across their discography and noticed an album that I was not aware of so I downloaded it. "Lake Hodges Anthem" is a song that makes this post worthy all on its lonesome. Horse The Band vocals, The Setup, A Day In Black And White wrapped in the droning yet quick sludgy atmosphere of Furnace.
The entirety of the track is amazing, but the from 3:15 onwards the song is utterly breathtaking.

The demo is alright and shows some glimmers of what the band becomes but ends up sounding like a punk/hardcore version of Deftones without clean singing and doesn't sound too far off from early The Death Of Anna Karina.  The 9+ minute song "The Man Who Loved Gina Carter" has some serious Yage and City Of Caterpillar going on as well. The 3 songs are pretty long, clocking in just shy of 20 minutes.

The 'This Flood Will Cover The Earth' 7" dazzles with some sweet tri-fold packaging right off the bat and has 2 good, shorter and more directly transitional songs while they embrace the hardcore aspect of their sound.

As hinted at before, the unreleased 'Barnburner' album takes the cake as it expands all of the sounds found on their earlier work. There are some other more than decent tracks like "I Used to be a Genius but Now I'm Just a Werewolf" quickly blazes mathy hardcore (reminiscent of Outclassed and Edhochuli but less crazy) with some sick breakdowns and a lot of screaming that'll strip the skin right off your face and the entire ordeal reminds me of A Day In Black And White's hard stuff. "Everyone Knows Skunks Love Free Bacon" is another good song with a mesmerizing aquatic bass lead at 1:13 (1:17 in the live video). As you may have noticed they also boast some silly/humourous song titles, my favourite being "The Tetris Chainsaw Massacre". With all of these great tracks on the final album, I have to reiterate that "Lake Hodges Anthem" is definitely the standout for me. Check it out first and decide if you are game on the rest of this 3-piece's material. I was.


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2006 - Demo cdrEP

2007 - This Flood Covers The Earth 7"EP

2007 - Barnburner cdEP (physically unreleased)


(2007) THIS FLOOD COVERS THE EARTH - "Lake Hodges Anthem" (from 'Barnburner')

(2007) THIS FLOOD COVERS THE EARTH - "I Used to be a Genius but Now I'm Just a Werewolf" (from 'Barnburner')

(2006) THIS FLOOD COVERS THE EARTH - "Building a Wall" (from 'This Flood Covers The Earth')

(2006) THIS FLOOD COVERS THE EARTH - "Everyone Knows Skunks Love Free Bacon" (from 'Barnburner') live video


THIS FLOOD COVERS THE EARTH out of print mp3 discography download / additional links

(download here)

Live video of "Everyone Knows Skunks Love Free Bacon"


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