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GenresPunk / Garage Rock / Sass Rock / Screamo / Hardcore / Experimental
Related artistsCentaur Noir.
Country: Moline, Illinois USA
Years Active2000-2014
Song: "Comedy K"
Album: "Attack From Meth and Goats Mountain"
Year: 2005
Label(s): Electric Human Project / Init Records / 213 Records / Nail In The Coffin / Ruin Your Fun / L'Hiver Vient...
This post's artist is from the November 2014 Mix. This is track #8.
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For fans of: Transistor Transistor, Aim Of ConradRye Coalition, Ultra Dolphins, Frodus, Life In Vacuum, The Blood Brothers, Soiled Doves, Hot Snakes, Lucertulus, (older) At The Drive In, Maximum R'n'R and Hercules Hercules.

A beast unto themselves, METH AND GOATS were self-aware and self-reliant as they knew what their sound was and ran with it. I first got into the band when I was scouring Electric Human Project releases about a decade ago and may even have come across this punknews review and picked it up based on that, I don't remember exactly. The band's sound jived with me instantly and is venomous and awkward, jarring and catchy, obtuse and refined - as odd as those sound they seem pretty accurate to me. In lamens terms, it's screamy and sassy garage-rock with hardcore influences.

First, my favourite METH AND GOATS record, one of the most weird and amazing releases I am proud to own (and have since it dropped) is 'Attack from Meth and Goats Mountain', which is a post-punk, garage-rock fucking masterpiece. "How Does He Get to the Moon" shows the band's faster/harder side with a really dark edge and screamy vocals that sound like the newer Life In Vacuum records, and includes some beautiful, trippy and bouncy rhythms around the 2-minute mark. The short, 1:26 "God's Got Money" also blasts out a little louder and faster than the majority of the band's material. But "Comedy K" is the standout not only because it is probably the most accessible and repetitive, it's fucking amazing. "Tell Me I'm Powerful" is almost like a more aggressive "Comedy K" and has some instrumentation that is very similar to Soiled Doves material, which has an subtle lounge-rock foundation with distorted, grooving garage-punk stacked on top. "Rat Tail Revolution", "Wolf Style" and "Psychic Car Crashes" also follow this formula and step up the jarring, discordant and haunting rock and screamy wails that make this album such a classic.

After 'Attack From Meth and Goat Mountain' I just assumed the band had imploded as I didn't see or hear anything until Joe from Ice Hockey let me know that they were still a band. I've just downloaded 'Leisure Time' about a week ago and have spun it a few times. I like the album and noticed a few things besides the standout tracks "Dart Money", "Death on Boats" and "Don't Tell Randy":
-the band's sound is pretty much intact
-the recording doesn't emphasize how loud and obnoxious the band can be, and therefore the band sounds smaller, quieter and less significant
-the lyrics seem to deal much more with socio-political issues

In the end 'Leisure Time' is decent, the live album is passable mainly because the songs on the initial releases sound better on said releases. I would highly, highly recommend grabbing 'Attack from Meth and Goat Mountain' but the discography is certainly worth giving a listen to.



2000 - Demo EP (stream/download here)

2004 - Ten Grand split 7" (download here)

2005 - Attack from Meth and Goats Mountain cd/12"LP (stream/download here)

2009 - Meny Hellkin split 7" (demo versions of 'Leisure Time')

2011 - Leisure Time LP (stream/download here)

2014 - Live at Sound and Vision EP (stream/download here)


(2005) METH AND GOATS - "Comedy K" (from 'Attack From Meth and Goats Mountain')

(2005) METH AND GOATS - "How Does He Get to the Moon?" (from 'Attack From Meth and Goats Mountain')

(2005) METH AND GOATS - "God's Got Money" (from 'Attack From Meth and Goats Mountain')

(2011) METH AND GOATS - "Dart Money" (from 'Leisure Time')

(2011) METH AND GOATS - "Don't Tell Randy" (from 'Leisure Time')

(2004) METH AND GOATS - "She Murdered Everything in Sight" (from 'Ten Grand' split)


METH AND GOATS out of print Ten Grand split mp3 download / additional links

(download here)


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