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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Metallic Hardcore / Math-Metal
Related artistsThis Too Will Pass.
Years Active2005-2007
Song: "Jerry Bruckheimer Made Me Do It"
Album: "Arcana Cain"
Year: 2006
Label(s): Bad Robots Rise
This post's artist is from the November 2014 Mix. This is track #7.
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For fans of: Norma Jean, The Bled, Deftones, Narrows, Aeges, Hopesfall, In Reverent Fear, Ira, Llynch, Callahan, Botch, Lavotchkin, The Minor Times, Jude The ObscureThe Chariot, Warship and Easy Lover.

My facebook friend Bobo Lemon read my review for Die Princess Die a ways back and sent me a message asking if I wanted an actual tour poster from the band. Obviously I said yes and he sent me a cd of his old band along with the poster. A few days after receiving it I popped it in my car while driving around to job interviews. My first thought, "holy fuck."

ARCANA CAIN was a post-hardcore/metal band from Germany that released a single self titled cd back in 2006. There's nifty guitar work aplenty with some good old-fashioned palm-muting and chuggy metallic hardcore with a hefty dose of breakdownage, just check "Playful Beings" to hear the band's signature sound. "Cure For" is a nice opener and builder which begins with an acoustic intro and takes over 2 full minutes to truly get into the thick of it, but the intro as well as the final 3 minutes are all fantastic and borders on some serious Llynch territory.

"Jerry Bruckheimer Made Me Do It" (my favourite track) is so Norma Jean from their 'Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child' and 'O'God the Aftermath' albums, I love it as it focuses its efforts on the harder and moshier side of the band. The vocalist comes pretty damn close to sounding like Dave Verellen (of Botch and Narrows fame) on this song and shows off some sweet math-metal/hardcore music. "I.N.R.I." is along the same lines as "Jerry Bruckheimer Made Me Do It"" and boasts some heavy moments with more of a post-hardcore edge that borders on punk with some semi-clean singing now and again.

"Yours Sincerely" strays from the heavy path and adopts a more accessible approach and it pays off with interest, as the catchy as hell sing-along chorus leads to the haunting (albeit mildly cheesy) ending chug. Just make sure you are patient with the first minute and a half which builds but doesn't really seem like it's going to get as good as it gets. Patience. I recently noticed that the movie clip intro is straight from one of my favourite movies, High Fidelity. This song is so Ira, I'm loving it. Oh, and the song also has a Warship kinda feel in this song when the vocalist does the screaming/singing thing. "Revolution vs. Romance" has some Transistor Transistor screaming and a touch of the band's most diverse/later material like "Teratogan" from 2008's 'Ruined Lives' as it also steps outside of the band's traditional sound but it works really fuckin' well.

All in all, I was more than pleasantly surprised after spinning this disc a few times. You rule, Boris!



2006 - Arcana Cain cdLP (download here)


(2006) ARCANA CAIN - "Jerry Bruckheimer Made Me Do It" (from 'Arcana Cain')

(2006) ARCANA CAIN - "Playful Beings" (from 'Arcana Cain')

(2006) ARCANA CAIN - "Yours Sincerely" (from 'Arcana Cain')


ARCANA CAIN out of print mp3 discography download

(download here)

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