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GenresPunk / Rock / Emo / Hardcore / Screamo
Related artists: True North, The Skorts and Tubers.
CountryFlorida, USA
Years Active1997-2002
Song: "How To Build"
Album: "The Victory Of Flight"
Year: ?
Label(s): No Idea Records / Brave Noise Records / Push Pull Records / Self Released
This post's artist is from the May 2014 Mix. This is track #6.
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For fans ofFour Hundred Years, Animal Faces, Secret Smoker, The Exploder, Hot Water Music, Fugazi, Soft Floors, Bright Calm Blue, Solid PonyAnasarca and Old Growth aka PROPER Screamo.

TWELVE HOUR TURN played an early form of punk/screamo that aurally encapsulates southern-tinged emo/screamo of the mid-late 1990s. All of the band's releases were excellent in terms of consistency and each album always had at least 1 track that was mindblowing. The band's songs were generally laden with hip-swaying grooves coupled with screaming and certainly have a lot in common with bands such as I Hate Myself, Animal Faces, Four Hundred YearsBright Calm Blue and a heavy dose of Hot Water Music's more aggressive material.

'The Victory Of Flight' has some of the band's hardest material, being very screamy and discordant. Much more raw, stripped down and gritty, tracks like "New Snake" are a screamy slap in the face. "How To Build" is probably my favourite TWELVE HOUR TURN song which reminds me of the 2 songs discussed briefly below and has some great lyrics. "This mouse trap built facilitates its builder's station. This mouse trap makes me feel sad and frames a future hollow. Knee jerk? Tear jerk? Cold hearts couldn't care less." Two other great tracks on the cd are the chaotic and pulsating "Second Story" and "A Mouth Of Suitable Size".

"Water Under Bridges Rise" (from 'Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction')is a cascading Fugazi-esque romp with strained talking/yelling/screaming and a lot of palm-muting, which I'm a sucker for. The song also boasts some serious Hot Water Music-sounding vocals, which is cool because I'm unsure who was influenced by whom. Regardless, it's a great song.

"Preoccupied With The History Department" (from 'Bend Break Spill') is reminiscent of a few newer bands, none more notably so than Toronto's Animal Faces and Soft Floors, who also pump out very playful and rhythmic hardcore.

In the near future I think No Idea is releasing their discography as "The Expense Of Flight", but am too lazy to check further.

If you've never checked these guys out you making a grave mistake. RECTIFY!!!


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

1997 - Twelve Hour Turn (aka America Means Loving One Another) 7"EP

1998 - I Hate Myself split 12"LP
1998 - Engine Down split 7"
1998 - Strikeforce Diablo split 7"

1999 - The History Of Flight cd/12"LP

2001 - Bend Break Spill cd/10"EP

2002 - Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction cd/12"LP


(1999) TWELVE HOUR TURN - "New Snake" live video

(2002) TWELVE HOUR TURN - "Water Under Bridges Rise" (from 'Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction')

(2001) TWELVE HOUR TURN - "Preoccupied With The History Department" (from 'Bend Break Spill')

(1999) TWELVE HOUR TURN - "How To Build" (from 'The History Of Flight')


TWELVE HOUR TURN out-of-print discography mp3 download


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