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∞ (aka EIGHT)

GenresPunk / Rock / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Black-Metal / Sludge / Thrash / Noise / Experimental / Ambient
Related artistsN/A.
CountryJyväskylä, FINLAND
Years Active2006-present
Song: "Elä Sinä Minusta"
Album: "Nayt Kauas"
Year: 2012
Label(s): Self Released
This post's artist is from the May 2014 Mix. This is track #1.
You can download the May 2014 Mix#6 right here or get the new July Mix#7 here.
For fans ofA Day In Black And White, Shirokuma, Daitro, Envy, La Parade, Viva Belgrado, Trachimbrod, Via Fondo, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, Rainmaker, June Paik, Ravin, Carrion Spring, Loma Prieta, Orchid, Curl Up And DieAngel Eyes, Bokanovsky, City Of Caterpillar, Pelican, Eaves and Gantz aka PROPER Screamo.

If "Elä Sinä Minusta" aka track 1 from the May 2014 Mix #6 didn't knock you on your ass when you heard it for the first time (whether or not you heard the song beforehand is irrelevant) then, simply put, you are reading the wrong blog. Look at that fucking For fans of list. Look at it! Jesus Achoo Christ I don't really need to say anymore, do I? Ah, I'll say a bit.

The band's strongest track from their debut LP is "Colossal", a condensed version of what the band moved towards on their 'Näyt Kauas' album, although not necessarily as engaging. Generally the band plays slow, screamy, post-hardcore with a focus on sludgy black-metal.

'Näyt Kauas', on the other hand, is the album that really blew my socks off. There are 3 tracks in particular, which I will discuss briefly.

Track 1 = "Elä Sinä Minusta" is the perfect introduction. This short and driving track pairs swirling spacey guitars with soft, ambient and melodic riffing before switching ... at the 50-second mark. At this point the song takes on an Envy/Via Fondo sound and sets the stage for the rest of the album.

Track 2 = "Hetki Jolloin Emme Tienneet Mitään Toisistamme
If you don't contort your body to the beginning of this song then you're listening to it wrong, as it has me straining not to hurt someone while I listen. This song hangs like anvil ready to fall, and is crushing with some great, slower, palm-muting sections and a lot of melody amid the noise and strained vocals.
Track 4 = "Sinä Näyt Kauas"
This song is massive. The version I have on my computer is actually a trimmed version of the full 14-minute song (mine is 7:30) as parts drag, in my opinion. That being said, the seven minutes and thirty seconds of song that I like, I fucking love. The track is cohesive but expansive, much in the way Angel Eyes or Kowloon Walled City write their music. Expect a lot of peaks and valleys, uncomfortable ambiance and head swaying. The off-timed riffing before 1:40 pops up a few times and is really fucking catchy, as awkward as it may sound at first.

The band is currently working on their 3rd release which might see the light of day this year, if we're lucky. Highly, highly recommended listening.



2011 -  cassetteLP (stream/download/donate here)

2012 - Näyt Kauas cassetteLP (stream/download/donate here)


(2012) ∞ - "Elä Sinä Minusta" (from 'Näyt Kauas')

(2012) ∞ - "Hetki Jolloin Emme Tienneet Mitään Toisistamme" (from 'Näyt Kauas')

(2012) ∞ - "Sinä Näyt Kauas" (from 'Näyt Kauas')

(2011) ∞ - "Colossal Youth" (from '')


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