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***ADOLINA exclusive interview***

GenresPunk / Rock / Math Rock / Emo / Shoegaze / Instrumental / Post-Hardcore / Alternative / Indie Rock
Related artistsMegamoto and Unik Ubik.
CountryMouscron, BELGIUM
Years Active1998-present
Song: "Stupid Man Suit"
Album: "The Rabbit Theory split"
Year: 2014
Label(s): Zegema Beach Records / Miyagi Records / Quiet Records / Whosbrain Records / Self Released / Uproar For Veneration / A Tant Rever Du Roi
This post's artist is from the May 2014 Mix. This is track #3.
You can download the May 2014 Mix#6 right here or get the new July Mix#7 here.
For fans ofDrive Like Jehu, KC MilianUnwound, ShellacThe Paper Chase, Serotonin, Ladder Devils, These Arms Are Snakes, Secret SmokerTwelve Hour Tour, Frodus, Cyrus Gold, Animal Faces, No Knife, Q And Not U, Ahleuchatistas, Cursive, Native, The Rabbit TheoryMaps And Atlases, Big Dick, The Advantage, Hella and We Are Empire.

Another reason why splits are amazing, this band's split release with The Rabbit Theory (for purchase on ZBR here) were the only reason I had the joy of hearing them.

ADOLINA is a Belgium band that plays late 90s emo, distraught indie/math rock and melodic post-punk this is both driving and passionate. The band doesn't rely on a lot of vocals to carry their songs. Besides having instrumental songs ("Tumult", "Less is More" and "Revolving Doors" to name a few from 'Caldiera'), a fair amount of their other material is instrument-heavy with no vocals for 50-75% of the song. This really helps accentuate the vocals when they do come in, which vary between hoarse yelling and clean shouting. The band utilize lots of clips from what I would assume to be movies, in tracks like "Tumult", "Burnout", "Contrôler et Sévir" and "Code 440") but time them with the music and it's an amazing effect. The bass is at the forefront along with some slow and perfectly timed noodley/twinkly guitars and ominous garage rock palm-muting. The vocals are light and have a fair amount of air underneath, they are not clean and melodic by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, the vocals remind me of Secret Smoker, Native and Human Hands. The palm muting and slow driving instrumentals sound much akin to The Rabbit Theory and KC Milian. While songs like "Revolving Doors" sound like Pelican and especially Grand Detour. The band's new outing has them taking taking on more complex structures and riffing (notable on "Mirador") as well as a refined focus on melody (check "Stupid Man Suit", which also has a great title).

Speaking of checking things out, read the interview I had with the band here and below.

The band's LP and split LP, although distanced some years apart, can sound very similar, which isn't a bad thing at all. "Burnout" is a prime example of this as it incorporates some occasional cleaner/less gruff singing with gang vocals. "Mind Curfew" screams Serotonin's later, jagged work mixed with Cursive and Criteria. "Go Slow" sounds like a national anthem! Check dem guitars after the initial riff to hear what I mean. "Revolving Doors" revolves (ha!) around a 3-minute bass riff nestled amid the angular/juxtaposed riffing. "A Year Of Mondays" is as uncomfortable as it is melodic, which brings The Paper Chase to mind. With further dissecting I hear bouncy, almost Tool-esque bass riffs mixed with The Advantage instrumentals and a bit of Rye Coalition punk/rock swagger that lends itself to the uncomfortable but very catchy "A Year of Mondays". "Less Is More" is an great, dreamy, The Rabbit Theory-styled track with no singing but a political clip/rant that is inserted with great care into the song. 2:20-2:40 in "Q&A" instantly brings Maps And Atlases to mind, and kinda sounds like North Of America, but again the vocals throw it off in a different direction, kinda older Native if I'm going to name drop someone.

ADOLINA is a really interesting band with eerie dynamics and odd time signatures that ultimately lead to a very rewarding listen, so I highly recommend checking them out.



2003 - Farrago cdEP

2006 - Influenza EP

2009 - Domovoï cdLP

2012 - Caldeira 12"LP (stream/download here)

2014 - The Rabbit Theory split 12"LP (PURCHASE here)


(2012) ADOLINA - "Mind Curfew" official music video
CLICK HERE for vimeo video
(2014) ADOLINA - "Mirador" (from 'The Rabbit Theory' split)

(2014) ADOLINA - "Stupid Man Suit" (from 'The Rabbit Theory' split)

(2012) ADOLINA - "A Year of Mondays" (from 'Caldeira')

(2012) ADOLINA - "Revoloving Doors" (from 'Caldeira')


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Exclusive Interview at ZBR

Full live set

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