Tuesday 3 June 2014

***CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING exclusive interview***

GenresPunk / Rock / Screamo / Shoegaze / Post-Hardcore / Black-Metal / Experimental
Related artistsDotlights, This Is My Happy Face and The Daydream Fit.
CountryHengelo, HOLLAND
Years Active2007-2013
Song: "Godspeed to You, Pola Negri"
Album: "Mio split"
Year: 2010
Label(s): Self Released / Moment Of Collapse Records / Adagio830 / Lala Schallplatten / Time As A Color / builtonfriendship Records / 50 Year Storm / IFB Records / Win Htein Records
This post's artist is from the May 2014 Mix. This is track #14.
You can download the May 2014 Mix#5 right here or get the new June Mix#6 here.
For fans ofArktika, Old Soul, Via Fondo, Curl Up And Die, Neil Perry, Welcome The Plague Year, Who Calls So Loud..., June Paik, United Nations, City Of Caterpillar, Angel Eyes, The Pax CeciliaAmanda WoodwardAussitot MortDaitroPelicanCult Of LunaMogwaiEnvy and Russian Circles aka PROPER Screamo.

Thank you Time As A Color. Goddamn, I love that label. When Daniel first contacted me asking to trade records I was skeptical at first, but went through his releases that he had available for trade. Upon stumbling on CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING I got really excited. It sounded like a more straightforward and melodic approach to what Old Soul is doing. I thought CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING was heavily influenced by Old Soul. It wasn't until I checked the recording dates that I realized this band from the Netherlands predated Old Soul. Hot diggidy.

I plunged into their discography and immersed myself in their enticing amalgamation of aggressive and delicate music. The band really knows how to toy with dynamics and they create some amazing soundscapes that are lush and sound very much like they were crafted with no other band's in mind. That being said, they certainly had their fair share of influences, such as Amanda Woodward, Aussitot Mort, Daitro, Pelican, Cult Of Luna, Mogwai, Envy and Russian Circles. That's like a list of my favourite bands! How do I know about these influences, you ask? I interviewed the band posthumously last month, for sadly they are no longer a band. That shouldn't stop you from checking out songs like "Godspeed to You, Pola Negri", which is the track that first caught my attention and strikes a perfect balance between heavy screaming and infectious melodies, kind of like Old Soul meets Suis La Lune with a dash of Curl Up And Die. There's even a riff at the 2:48-mark that sounds like it was culled from a Neil Perry instrumental jam and a killer, playful solo that repeats throughout the track. Other songs that tickle my fancy are "Heksenjager" which has a killer build and riff during the outro while "Always Giving Parties to Cover the Silence" displays a fair amount of vocal diversity with both high-pitched screaming and low-end growling as well as an awesome twinkly passage at the 2:30-mark and at 5:27 the band plays a riff that sounds like it could be on the new Via Fondo record.

Please check out their bandcamp page, where you can download the band's complete discography. The first album definitely pales in comparison to everything they recorded afterwards, but it's still a worthwhile listen for "Noah, Build Me an Ark" if anything else. I've also included a link to the extended unreleased version of "My Shotgun is Bigger Than Yours" right here. Robert-Jan had this to say about the song:
"It's the full version of that short song on the tour EP; we cut off that epic finale at the time because it felt like it didn't really go anywhere and we'd done the same trick in the other songs as well, but somehow I find that that build-up aged pretty well. Perhaps it's because we've played it only a few times after this recording, but I like these riffs and I'm glad I still had this (unmastered) version lying around."



2008 - Cross Your Fingers For The Epilogue cd/12"EP (stream/download here)

2010 - Tour cdEP (collects all 2010 material + 1 bonus track) (stream/download here)
2010 - Mio split 12"EP (stream/download here)
2010 - Connections II comp 12"LP (stream/download here)

2012 - "My Shotgun is Better Than Yours" unreleased extended version (soundcloud here)

2013 - Black Everest split 12"LP (stream/download here)


(2013) CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING - "Heksenjager" (from 'Black Everest' split)

(2010) CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING - "Godspeed to You, Pola Negri" (from 'Mio' split)

(2010) CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING - "Always Giving Parties to Cover the Silence" (from 'Connections II' comp)

(2009) CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING - "Noah, Build Me An Ark" (from 'Cross Your Fingers for the Epilogue')




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