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GenresPunk / Noise / Grind / Thrash / Post-Hardcore / Metalcore / Experimental
Related artistsThe Marxmellows, HKY, Les Betteraves, Guerilla Poubelle and Quartier Rouge.
CountryParis, FRANCE
Years Active2007-2011
Song: "Jahiliya"
Album: "Jahiliya"
Year: 2011
Label(s): Three One G / Guerilla Asso / Rejuvenation Records / La Machoire
This post's artist is from the April 2014 Mix. This is track #6.
You can download the April 2014 Mix#4 right here.
For fans ofBleeding KansasBotchThe Minor TimesLlynchCrustDillinger Escape Plan, (old) Norma Jean, (old) Examination Of The..., The Assistant, EnkephalinThumbscrew, (old) Training For Utopia, In Reverent Fear, Black Kites, In First Person, (old) Hopesfall, Rorcal, LavotchkinJohnny Truant, Loftus, Mercy Ties, This Ship Will Sink and Beneath The Ashes.

First and foremost the first minute screams Bleeding Kansas, both instrumentally and vocally. John's vocals are both scathing and a little subdued at first before shedding the yelling that makes his lyrics discernable and focuses on higher, shrill screams that sound like they must have taken a hell of a toll on his voice. Think Llynch, Training For Utopia and Ccrust vocals that really do tend to jump all over the "screaming" map. The first album may have been saved had he done the vocals, but unfortunately this was not the case and they had a female vocalist prior that really didn't mesh with the band like John did. The older vocalist reminds me of Johnny Whitney (The Blood Brothers), Lord Snow and Mahria and it works, but I don't feel it was the right voice for this kind of music. Judgey Mcjudgerson over here, jeez. The trimming of the band from 5 to 3 members was the band decision the band ever made, in my opinion.

Anyway, I'll quickly describe in some more detail the 'Jahiliya' 7"/song that was the band's masterpiece but bypass the vocals as I've discussed them enough above. In terms of their instrumentals, WARSAW WAS RAW played a style very similar to Botch and earlier Norma Jean, The Minor Times as well as The Dillinger Escape Plan meets older (aka more advanced for their time) bands like Training For Utopia, Hopesfall, In Reverent Fear and Thumbscrew, who generally seemed to be religious in nature - but this is not the case with these fellas. The instrumentals are chaotic and borrow a lot from math-metal and hardcore with blasts/movements of craziness (see Ccrust), bass-heavy drops and post-hardcore riffing (check Llynch) and high-pitched, wailing-guitar ala Loftus and even Botch, which is all covered with a blanket knitted in ambient darkness by the boys in Rorcal. Oh and at the 3:25-mark of "Jahiliya", WARSAW WAS RAW take the riff so deep it sounds like it's slowly emanating from the bowels of hell, festering on the way up, and it sounds like it could be from a Korn song - assuming that band played less shitty music and had a better vocalist.

This song has so many amazing parts in less than 5 minutes. Do yourself a favour and turn this shit way up.



2008 - Chaajoth cd/7"EP (stream here)

2011 - Jahiliya 7" (single) (stream/buy/download here)


(2011) WARSAW WAS RAW - "Jahiliya" (from 'Jahiliya')


WARSAW WAS RAW additional link


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