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GenresPunk / Prog Rock / Math Rock / Post-Hardcore / Metalcore / Screamo
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CountryArizona, USA
Years Active2013-present
Song: "Frequency"
Album: "Untitled/OCD"
Year: 2013
Label(s): Self-released
This post's artist is from the April 2014 Mix. This is track #14.
You can download the April 2014 Mix#4 right here.
For fans ofCircle Takes The Square, Fall Of Efrafa, Hot Cross, BotchBetween The Buried And Me, Fall Of Troy, DaughtersKill Sadie, Gaff, Mare, You And I and Protest The Hero.

WARREN OF OHMS is actually some dude named Sammy. We were acquainted about a year ago through the love of amazing music. No big surprise here, but when I asked Sammy if he was in a band, he said yes and his band (aka him) make some good music. Considering he's really been pushing it only in the last year, most of his stuff is still pretty raw. I have heard his new material (posted on soundcloud here) and the jump to a thicker, more cohesive style is very apparent. He lists Hot Cross, Fall Of Efrafa, Modern Life Is War, Isis, Rosetta, The Mars Volta, At The Drive In, Jehu and Botch among his influences. I would describe the music as very instrumentally melody driven, particularly in the guitar and bass department which remind me a lot of a younger Between The Buried And Me. There's pretty much always some kind of solo going on which is also not unlike Hot Cross, so if you want some proof hit 30 seconds into "Eleanor Sends Her Regards" and you'll have a pretty good idea of what's to come for the next 3-4 tracks.

Most of the songs from his first record clock in at about 2 minutes or less with a few of the later tracks delving into the post 5-minute territory. The song "Frequency" is one such epic and is the stand-out, as it sheds the all-hard/all-screaming constraint and incorporates more eclectic styles, which give the song room to breathe and in the end the is the most rewarding listen. With the closer "I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe" he again focuses on a grandeur idea, with more influences being made apparent. I also enjoy his variety in the vocals as he is able to hit high, shrill screams as well as bellowing growls. I love it when screaming vocalists don't rely on redundancy.

WARREN OF OHMS seems to constantly be demoing and I've heard a few of the newer tracks and the growth is already quite apparent. I'd keep an eye out on this guy, he certainly know his shit. I have to remind myself this is an individual usually just doing a few takes by himself, because it's pretty damn impressive.

He generally posts new stuff on his soundcloud first, which you can follow here. I would also strongly recommend checking out the individual songs on his bandcamp page from the only album posted here, 'Untitled/OCM' because each link provides details on each song, which is a very interesting read and cool idea.



2014 - Soundcloud demo/singles (stream "Endeavor To Preserve", "God's Lonely Man", "Rat Pedal(demo)" and "Thunder Can Be Lightning")

2013 - Untitled/OCD digitalLP (stream/donate/download here)
2013 - Hot Cross cover digital single (stream "A Tale For The Ages")
2013 - Soundcloud demo/singles (stream "Mad Prophet Of The Airwaves")

2010 - Fall Of Efrafa cover unreleased single ("Warren Of Snares")


(2013) WARREN OF OHMS - "Frequency" (from 'OCM')

(2013) WARREN OF OHMS - "A Tale For The Ages" (from 'nuthin')

(2013) WARREN OF OHMS - "False Implication; Silent Approval" (from 'OCM')

(2013) WARREN OF OHMS - "Eleanor Sends Her Regards" (from 'OCM')


WARREN OF OHMS  additional links


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