Tuesday 31 October 2017

***CELEBRATION 'Shook' exclusive premiere***

'Shook' EP

For fans of: Portrayal Of Guilt, Ed Gein and Cassilis
cassette available through the band soon

CELEBRATION hail from Missouri in the U.S.A. and are premiering their 'Shook' EP in full tonight, Halloween 2017. The dark, screamy hardcore, six-song EP is definitely for fans of Ed Gein, Breather Resist, Rayleigh, Phoenix Bodies, Remote, Blacklisters, Vac, Malevich, Cassilis, Ostraca, Die Abete and late Examination Of The.... In 2014 and 2015 the band released a split with Under A Sky So Blue, an EP and contributed to a comp with a very Jeromes Dream-esque approach. In the subsequent three years the band has evolved from a screechy, emo-violence band doing one-minute songs to dense, dark, sludgy and claustrophobic hardcore with more screams than shrieks and songs that can eclipse the four-minute mark. The 'Shook' EP will be released on cassette by the band with possible vinyl plans afterward. I'll quickly give a few words about each song:

1) "Degloved": holy moly what an opener; last half is slow and eerie like late Examination Of The...

2) "I Don't Know How It Got In": super dark and sludgy with a ridiculous midsection; kinda late-era Phoenix Bodies and Vac

3) "In the Dream": most pummeling song; most closely resembles previous emo-violence sound; also has some spoken word vocals amidst the shrieks and growls

4) "Leech": a total 15 seconds of dual vocal destruction, perhaps taking a page from the book of Jenny Piccolo - just way heavier

5) "Follow the Heat": quite possibly the sound of a traumatizing murder scene; includes brief audio clip; sounds akin to the destruction created by Graf Orlock and Trainwreck

6) "Dead...All Dead": longest song on the album (4:14), slowest track (although not slow, exactly); extended audio clip; reminiscent of Kowloon Walled City and Portrayal Of Guilt

(2017) CELEBRATION - "Degloved" (from 'Shook')

(2017) CELEBRATION - "I Don't Know How It Got In" (from 'Shook')

(2017) CELEBRATION - "In the Dream" (from 'Shook')

(2017) CELEBRATION - "Leech" (from 'Shook')

(2017) CELEBRATION - "Follow the Heat" (from 'Shook')

(2017) CELEBRATION - "Dead...All Dead" (from 'Shook')

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