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GenresPunk / Rock / Hardcore / Nu-Metal / Alternative
Related artistsThe Minor Times. Ladder Devils, Ghost Away, The End Of Me Party, Person L, Blue Collar Underworld, Xiii pfp, Relapse, Olympic Day and Five Stars For Failure.
CountryPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Years Active1998-2001
Song: "Drawing Conclusions"
Album: "Miscommunication"
Year: 2001
For fans ofThe Minor Times, Glassjaw, Llynch, Finch, Codeseven, Deftones, Training For Utopia, Rinoa, The Uriah Omen, Spires and Endor.
Label(s): Double Down Records / Hex Records / Spoiled Records
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I couldn't for the life of me figure out where and why I purchased INKLING's 'Miscommunication' cdEP. I've come across it on my computer so many times and it wasn't until I sat down to write this review and did a bit of research that I made a startling discovery. The reason why I must have bought that cd is because all of the members (with the exception of the vocalist) went on to be in the The Minor Times! That is where our sound comparisons look and sound the best, with the heavy stuff sound like both bands from the Llynch/The Minor Times split 12"LP that is an overlooked gem. In the middle there is a Deftones and mid-era Codeseven going on with vocals. At worst they are cheesy, high school emo and nu-metal and take a page from the book of Incubus.

I'm not smitten over this band and I'm not interested in delving any further into finding their back catalogue. I did find the 'Minute' LP in full on youtube, which is embedded below, so I gave it a listen. Eh, it's okay. It's essentially Incubus and the Deftones chopped up and rolled together in a big, fat, screamy, hardcore and nu-metal stogie. It's okay, but is well past its prime and the constant fluctuations from enjoyable parts to cringe worthy sections gets a tad tedious. The 'Demo' tape isn't too different but has more of a Glassjaw feel to it, so the only thing holding me on to this review is The Minor Times correlation.

I'll quickly go through the 'Miscommunication' EP as that is the one I'm actually familiar with. Released in 2001 on Hex Records, opener "Drawing Conclusions" is very The Minor Times meet Codeseven and Endor, combining chaotic hardcore with only the slightest of weak tangents, with the section that starts around 45 seconds sounding just like the band's subsequent outfit. Next up is "Jenny", a cheesy, piano driven, all clean singing emo song with no payoff. "My Advice" gets things back on track and goes back to Deftones worship, keeping up with The Minor Times and Llynch sound but not climbing to the heights of the first track. "The Bad Apple Theory" is straight up Codeseven and Incubus worship and has some pretty decent singing amidst the heavier moments, while closer "The Happiest Place I Can Think Of" is another, whiny, slow jam that doesn't do anything positive for me.

I think the band reformed, if not for just a show, in 2012 as I found some live videos here and here. There's a better discography review than I did linked right here. Sorry about the "meh" review.



1998 - Demo cassetteEP

1999 - Minute cdLP

2000 - Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine split 7"EP

2001 - Miscommunication cdEP (download here)
2001 - The Bad Apple Theory/My Advice 7"EP


(2001) INKLING - "Drawing Conclusions" (from 'Miscommunication')

(2001) INKLING - "My Advice" (from 'Miscommunication')

(1999) INKLING - 'Minute' full album stream

(1998/2000) INKLING - 'Demo + Split' full albums stream


INKLING additional links

Miscommunication cdEP (download here)



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