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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsDo Nascimiento.
CountryGenova ITALY
Years Active2010-2013
Song: "Domenica"
Album: "Il Fine Settimana, Due Anni Dopo"
Year: 2013
For fans ofRaein, La QuieteØjne, ByMySide, Endless Inertia, ShizuneVia Fondo, Yo Sbraito, The Third Memory, TrachimbrodKŸHL, UbiquityInnardsPastel and Amber Daybreak aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Flying Kids Records
This post's artist is from the October 2017 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download: the October 2017 Mix#10 right here or get the new November 2017 Mix#11 here.

OGNI GIORNO were an interesting band from Genova, Italy and played, for lack of a better description, occasionally sloppy Euro screamo with obvious influence from fellow Italians La Quiete and Raein. The band name when translated to English means "Every Day". The first EP in 2010 was a self titled using three days of the week as song titles, "Mercoledi", "Lunedi" and "Martedi". In 2013 those songs were rerecorded and included with the remaining days of the week and titled 'Il Fine Settimana, Due Anni Dopo', which translates to "The Weekend, Two Years After Every Day". 'Il Fine Settimana, Due Anni Dopo' is a crazily packaged cdLP that was released on Flying Kids Records. I actually just bought a copy before posting this review, as they are limited to 199 copies and still have some left. Pick one up here.

Let's go through a week in a minute or two. The songs "Sabato" and "Giovedi" both start well but include a few questionable moments. The former is unreal from 1:00-2:35 but then the unconventional guitar comes in, with the awkwardness settling closer to four minutes when a shorter, more simplistic riff is repeated instead of what sounds like random notes from a beginner guitarist. The latter has a sick opening, includes something that resembles a breakdown just before the one-minute mark and has a nice soothing slow bit with rolling drums from two minutes onward but this leads into some murky sections that are okay but don't do as much for me as the first half of the song. "Venerdi" is quite good with some excellent sections here and there, especially from about 2:00-3:20. "Domenica" rules, especially the end with dual screams and crazy La Quiete instrumentals. The song also includes some insane drumstick tapping and very competent guitar playing. "Mercoledi" is a strong song on both the self titled and LP, holding their ground until 3:14 when those pesky random notes are thrown in. "Lunedi" is quite short, at 2:30ish, and manages to abstain from random solos and instead focusing on excellent stop/start screamo much like early La Quiete and Trachimbrod. "Martedi" has a downright confusing opening with very disjointed chords and feedback from about 1:30 to 2:20. Once it hits, though, this song is killer. The listener is shredded apart and then resurrected for a grooving midsection with at least two vocalists screaming tackling different patterns.

So yeah, if you like La Quiete but are looking to have it done in a less stellar fashion (aka without those insanely catchy and mesmerizing instrumentals) then OGNI GIORNO is your best bet. If you miss La Quiete as much as I do you'll likely enjoy it at the least, it just won't blow you away.



2010 - Ogni Giorno cdrEP (stream/donate/download here)

2013 - Il Fine Settimana, Due Anni Dopo cdLP (stream/donate/download here)


(2013) OGNI GIORNO - "Giovedi" (from 'Il Fine Settimana, Due Anni Dopo')

(2013) OGNI GIORNO - "Domenica" (from 'Il Fine Settimana, Due Anni Dopo')

(2013) OGNI GIORNO - "Sabato" (from 'Il Fine Settimana, Due Anni Dopo')

(2010) OGNI GIORNO - "Lunedi" (from 'Ogni Giorno')

(2010) OGNI GIORNO - "Mercoledi" (from 'Ogni Giorno')


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