Monday 3 July 2017

***UNDER GLASS exclusive song premiere***

UNDER GLASS is pretty mysterious. The band has released only one other song prior to this exclusive OMSB premiere, which is "Unreleased #1" from the Jeromes Dream tribute comp 'It's More Like An Homage To You' (buy the tape here) which I helped release on Zegema Beach Records (alongside Coniine Records and Senza). Their track immediately caught my attention as one of the best songs on there, and we actually premiered it with four other bands right here.

The song we have been graced with premiering today is titled "Behold My Valor" and is taken from the 5-song EP 'Wading In Petulant States'. In a mere 1:25 we are bombarded with dark, vicious and unrelenting screamo with no breaks, breathers or pretty parts and one hell of a explosive ending. Adorno Records will be releasing a short run of cassettes in Europe while Middle Man Records will take care of North America. The EP will be released in full this Friday July 7th, 2017. I've only heard this one song thus far but I am beyond stoked!

Here is the aforementioned UNDER GLASS cover of Jeromes Dream:

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