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Band: 49 Morphines
GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Emo / Screamo / Hardcore / Ambient 
Related artists: Jambinai, Combative Post, Noeazy.
Country: Seoul, South Korea 
Years Active2003- Present
Song: "Running On Empty"
Album: "Partial Eclipse"
Year: 2008
For fans ofEnvy, Heaven In Her Arms, Nionde PlaganBuried InsideMajority RuleWelcome the Plague YearSwan of Tuonela, Unroot, Neil PerryHopesfallJune Paik, Ostraca, Vasseline,   aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): GMC Entertainment, Loen Entertainment
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Review by Jesse Mowery

49 Morphines are one of the longest running hardcore/screamo bands from South Korea. I first heard them from my old band mate on our way to practice one day, and was immediately blown away by their album 'Partial Eclipse'.  The sound is similar to Envy, Heaven In Her Arms, and June Paik, but it is a bit more evil sounding. They started out with a 3 song demo in 2003. The sound is a bit different, and not as good in my opinion, as it's that style of hardcore that has screaming and singing and is kinda chuggy, not really my thing, but you can hear glimpses of what they would go on to do. Their 'Most Important Value' ep is better, there's still some chuggy hardcore parts, but is more evolved and has many of the same elements as Partial Eclipse, just not as refined. I kinda like the version of "Broken Fist" on this more than the album, as it's got a cool clean intro. It took them 4 years after the ep to come out with a full length, but it definitely shows how much time they put into it, because 'Partial Eclipse' rips. The album has some songs that are post-rocky instrumentals, some full on raging screamo, hardcore parts, and beautiful melodies. There are moments, like at the end of "The Final Note" that verge on being cheesy as hell, but one guitar will do some guitar swells or a picked melody that just turn it into something great. Overall 'Partial Eclipse' is the must listen to material of this band, but it is cool to listen to the older stuff and hear how they change, plus they also recycle some melodies between releases, so I find it interesting as a musician to hear how they interpret these parts differently. While still active, 49 Morphines hasn't released anything since. There is footage of them playing a new song live, but as of now there's unfortunately no word on if or when they'll do another album.

Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2003- Demo cd

2004- Most Important Value cd ep

2008- Partial Eclipse cd album


(2008) 49 MORPHINES - "Running On Empty" (from 'Partial Eclipse')

(2008) 49 MORPHINES - "A Few Days Later" (from 'Partial Eclipse')

(2008) 49 MORPHINES - "Heart of Despair" (from 'Partial Eclipse')

(2004) 49 MORPHINES - "Broken Fist" (from 'Most Important Value')

(2004) 49 MORPHINES - "One Day" (from 'Most Important Value')


out of print mp3 discography download 

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