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BandRemains of the Day
GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Screamo / Hardcore / Crust 
Related artists4th Class, Coldbringer, From Ashes Rise, Inflicted, Lebanon, Maneurysm, Bacteria, Death Machine, Hellshock, Lebenden Toten, Long Knife, The Estranged, Warcry
CountryPortland, OR, United States
Years Active2000-2003
Song: "Only to Infinity"
Album: "Hanging On Rebellion"
Year: 2003
For fans ofHis Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Ekkaia, Fall of EfrafaProtestant, Madaem Germen, Schifosi, Karoshi, Sanctions, Sl'S3, Greyskull, Tragedy, Masakari, Syndromes, Parasytic, Oroku, The Spectacle, Kakistocracy.
Label(s): Yellow Dog Records, Crime Against Humanity Records, Insane Society Records
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Remains of the Day were a short lived band from Portland, OR that created some of the most beautiful melodic crust ever. Their album "Hanging On Rebellion" is easily one of my favorite albums of all time, and gets constant listens. They were contemporaries of Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, and have a similar sound, but never seem to get as much recognition as their peers. They started if with a self titled demo of 3 songs that are very close to early From Ashes Rise and The Spectacle, very good for a first release, with pretty intros and plenty of fast melodic yet brutal parts. They released their first full length "An Underlying Frequency" the next year, and while not a huge difference, you can hear them coming more into their own sound. This is definitely helped by the addition of a violinist, who makes the quiet parts more epic and harmonizes with the guitars at points. "This Is Living" is probably my favorite track on it, as it's pretty much the closest track to how their last album sounds. Their next release was a split with German grindcrust champions Keitzer. They only have one song called "Dead Cells", but damn is it a killer track. This song probably is the best example of their overall sound, as it mixes the His Hero Is Gone heavy hardcore side with the more beautiful pseudo screamo side that is closer to Spanish crust bands like Madame Germen and Ekkaia.
Their last release was a full length called "Hanging On Rebellion". Album opener "Dreaming Drowning" starts out with an almost spooky violin part, then after a few hits of everyone together goes into some of the catchiest yet depressing punk based music with all harsh vocals you can find. "Therapy For the Appointed Man" is mid paced the whole time, but never gets boring due to the guitars and the vocal phrasing/tradeoffs. "Depicting the Subtleties" starts out fast with a positive sounding chord progression, then goes into a 3 part section that repeats once that is full of almost bouncy melodies over d-beats, but breaks down around 1:33 into an epic mid paced part that ends with the violin fading into the next song. "Only to Infinity" starts out with a pretty guitar part that builds to a gorgeous and huge sounding part before going into yet another fast punk song full of memorable melodies. At 4:07 it goes into what is probably the closest thing to a guitar solo in their songs, and then breaks down into a part with acoustic guitars before coming in with a big sad sounding outro.
ummm alright I'm gonna stop there with the song by song, because I'll just repeat myself over and over with terms like "beautiful" and "epic", but I don't know how else to describe this stuff. I think one of the reasons I love their last album so much is that, unlike their earlier stuff, it seems to be all about the melodies rather than trying to be heavy, and there's really not many bands that did it like this.
In the downloads the s/t is included with "An Underlying Frequency" under tracks 13-15, plus includes 4 other songs that didn't get an official release that are tracks 9-12. The split with Keitzer is included with "Hanging on Rebellion", which also has an extra song "Confinement" that sounds like it was from an early session. 

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2000- Remains Of The Day 7"

2001- An Underlying Frequency LP

2003- Keitzer / Remains Of The Day split- System Overload / Dead Cells 7"

2003- Hanging On Rebellion LP


(2003) REMAINS OF THE DAY - "Only To Infinity" (from 'Hanging On Rebellion')

(2003) REMAINS OF THE DAY - "Dreaming Drowning" (from 'Hanging On Rebellion')

(2003) REMAINS OF THE DAY - "Dead Cells" (from 'Keitzer/Remains Of The Day split')

(2001) REMAINS OF THE DAY - "This Is Living" (from 'An Underlying Frequency')

(2000) REMAINS OF THE DAY - "Vultures" (from 'Remains Of The Day 7"')


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