Sunday 16 April 2017

***THE WORLD THAT SUMMER split 10" release show***


We had a release party for THE WORLD THAT SUMMER's 10" on April 8th at Clarke Hall in Port Credit, which is just outside of Mississauga by our friend Daniel G. Wilson. Twas a very fun show in a big hall with a few friends and new faces. Terry Green and The World That Summer will be playing together again on May 27th at another house show in Hamilton as a final local show before Dave moves to New Zealand, thus concluding his/my chapter in the band. Please grab a copy of THE WORLD THAT SUMMER's split 10" with Sweden's Nionde Plågan from Zegema Beach Records (should you reside in Canada) right here so I can afford to put out this Terry Green LP.

As soon as this duo started and those crazy drums collided with the slap-happy bass I knew what I was in for, and I was stoked about. I think I read these guys play semi-improvisational punk/jazz and that's pretty much exactly what I heard. Combining the off-time madness of Hella, the improv jazz of Ahleuchatistas and the bass as well as vocals of Primus, I think pretty much everyone in attendance was in a bit of a stupor watching well as the guy in the front dancing up a storm. Awesome.
FFO: Hella, Ahleuchatistas and Primus

Sounding somewhere between punk rock, jazz rock, surf and post-hardcore lie NEVER TRUST A WIZARD. I'd never heard of this band before but they fucking blew me away. I'm very interested to know if the band has heard of Drummers, Ultra Dolphins and North Of America because that early 2000s, spazzy, yelly and dare I say emo/screamo influenced rock music and hardcore punk hybrid. I would love to see these fellas again, as all three members mesmerized. Be sure to check out that riff that starts at 49 seconds and again at 1:20 in the video embedded below, it's killer!
Links to songs: *2* / *3*
FFO: Fugazi, Drummers and North Of America

We played. It was fun. We started by playing the three songs from the new split 10" with Nionde Plågan (stream here / buy here) in reverse order, so "Moth Volcano" (which we'd never opened with, for some strange reason), "Heat Death Parties are the Bomb, Man" and "What is Dead May Never Die". Then we play "No Hugs for Lucas" from the upcoming 2x12" 8-band split that Zegema Beach Records is spearheading and should be up for pre-order by May 2017. After playing these songs we opted for newer material, playing our three unrecorded songs "2028", "Voltron Division" and our newest and last song with our original lineup "La Fine Non è la Fine". This newest song is post below and has some really good energy, but it's a work in progress so bear with it. We have a house show for my goodbye Hamilton thing with Terry Green and Huge Cosmic coming up on May 27th so more info on that soon.
Links to songs: "Moth Volcano" / "Voltron Division"
FFO: Rinoa, Amber and Black Love

We are on the cusp of the TERRY GREEN full length LP. I have the tracks and the art so we'll be going to print in April for, hopefully, a June/July release date. These four friends of mine played their new record titled 'LP' from front to back, which means they played the songs "One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five" and "Six", a very simplistic naming formula. The record itself was mastered by Will Killingsworth and sounds unreal. You can check out a song from the LP on the Zampler #8 (linked here) titled "Michael Soft Sam" but in actuality is song "One". This was a killer set, with the vocals turned up nice and loud, passionate playing by all, bloody fingers as well as Matt and Louis beating the shit out of their respective axes after playing "Six", which they've only ever played live like...twice or something. I've linked that one below but you can also jam "One" and "Two" below the embed.
Links to songs: "One" / "Two"
FFO: Gillian Carter, Van Johnson and Panthers

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