Monday 10 April 2017

***PODCAST #17 w/Cambridge friends***

Back in February, I believe, my Cambridge friends Nate, Alberto and Megan dropped by for hangs and a podcast. I first met them...well, find out in the first few minutes of the podcast. I will, however, say that they put on an incredible house show for The World That Summer, Black Love, Respire, La Luna and Terry Green back in August of 2016, which I made a trailer for (linked here and below) and wrote a full review with a bunch of videos (linked here).

Podcast #17 is broken into three parts, each approximately 20 minutes in length. You can stream and/or download each part or the entire thing for free on the OMSB Podcast bandcamp page linked right heeya.

TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR - "Sweet William" (Dave)
SPAZZ - "Spudboy" (Nate)
MONEEN - "Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do" (Alberto)

THE ADVANTAGE - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles???" (Dave)
BREACH - "Bloodlines" (Nate)
THE BLACKOUT PACT - "Track Three" (Alberto)
DAYTRADER - "The Last Days of Rome" (Megan)

TRACHIMBROD - "Medskyldighet" (Dave)
HIDEKI TAKIMOTO - "Xmas Junk" (Nate)
WE ARE THE UNION - "Be Kind Rewind (Alberto)
ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI - "Save Me From Myself" (Megan)
LIFE IN VACUUM - new song (live)


PODCAST #17 linked here

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