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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal
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CountryBordeaux FRANCE
Years Active2011-present
Song: "Spring"
Album: "Cliffhanger"
Year: 2016
For fans ofThe Armed, Voyage In Coma, Young Mountain, Cult Of Luna, Neurosis, Isis, Tephra, Viva Belgrado, Yarostan, Callow, Pianos Become The Teeth and Remote.
Label(s): Dingleberry Records / Voice Of The Unheard / Unlock Yourself Records / Désertion Records
This post's artist is from the April 2017 Mix. This is track #7.
You can download: the April 2017 Mix#4 right here or get the new May 2017 Mix#5 here.

moved from long, drawn out post-hardcore/post-metal to short, dark bursts of metallic hardcore. The early work on 'Weight of Past' is rooted directly is post-metal, most notably influenced by bands such as Cult Of Luna, Neurosis, Isis and Tephra. The five to eight minute songs mix gutteral yells and some classic, Neurosis-esque clean singing, which I'm not the biggest fan of, to be honest. The instrumentals on this EP is excellent though, as it creates a vast and dreary world that is highly susceptible to ambient interludes in addition to swelling breakdowns. By the end of the same year PAST released 'Never Fall Down', a blatant departure from their previous sound, opting for a dirty, post-hardcore smash in the face instead of a lulling and epic post-metal approach. This definitely gives the band character and a finer niche within the punk/hardcore/metal sound, and is the reason why I reviewed PAST. Not for this album, though, as the band sent me their 2016 offering so I jammed that first. I would most definitely note that "Our Flesh", "The Gun", "Dropout" and "Outro" are fantastic songs that really give a strong indication of the style that is refined on last year's 'Cliffhanger'. On this release PAST has really pushed a driving style of dark, blasted and bassy hardcore that can be seen in other current bands such as RemoteThe Armed and Young Mountain, primarily.The opening two tracks from this debut LP are phenomenal. PAST drop the fantastic "Spring" first, which sets the tone of the album with brooding, vicious, dirty and dark hardcore with a surprising amount of structure and melody. The breakdown/chorus that hits right before the first minute will have you air-drumming along in no time. "Once Again" further reaffirms the dark path they've taken, as the thick and sludgy instrumentals pack quite a punch, especially once combined with that throaty scream. In addition to the awesome, devastating screams are occasional dual vocals that are placed well but don't really accentuate the music much, as the lead vocalist has such a commanding vocal presence. The LP continues in this vein but I find that none of the remaining songs hit me like the first two, but "Cliffhanger", "Doormat" and "Troth" are definitely very good songs. I'm very happy that Domino Media sent me this for review. Kudos.



2013 - Weight of Past digitalEP (stream/download here)
2013 - Never Fall Down digitalEP (stream/donate/download here)

2016 - Cliffhanger cd/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)


(2016) PAST - "Spring" (from 'Cliffhanger')

(2016) PAST - "Once Again" (from 'Cliffhanger')

(2016) PAST - "Doormat" (from 'Cliffhanger')

(2013) PAST - "Outro" (from 'Never Fall Down')

(2013) PAST - "Our Flesh" (from 'Never Fall Down')

(2013) PAST - "Weight of Past" (from 'Weight of Past')


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