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GenresPunk / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artistsFoxmoulder, Narrators, Sometimes Houses Like To Sleep, Severed Tongue, Taggarik, Border, Inland Empire, Coach Longlegs, Spectral Wound, Mutant K and New Flesh.
CountrySt. John's, Newfoundland/Labrador CANADA
Years Active2010-2013
Song: "Sexposiyouth"
Album: "4-way split"
Year: 2013
For fans ofMatsuri, Hot Cross, Dowager, For Want Of, Sleeper Wave, We Were Skeletons, Mothlight, Kidcrash, Healing Powers, Foxmoulder, Lion Of The North, People's Temple Project, Daniel Striped Tiger, Beau Navire, Coma Regalia, LogsTodos Caerán, The Fiction, Adage, Funeral Diner, Edhochuli, The Fall Of Troy, Birthday Boyz, Stop It!! and Kaddish aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): L'Oeil Du Tigre / A Mountain Far / Desordre Ordonne / Boslevan Records / Let Your Fingers Do The Walking / Aspirations Of A Mad Man Records / Win Htein Records / Utarid Tapes / Anteduvia
This post's artist is from the June 2016 Mix. This is track #2.
You can download: the June Mix#6 right here or get the new July 2016 Mix#7 here.

I first heard POLINA when I grabbed some copies of their 4-way split 12" from Em of Foxmoulder and A Mountain Far fame. I'd never heard the band and was way too pumped to jam those Kaddish tracks so they slipped off my radar for a good year before I realized the amazingness of "Sexposiyouth" and then nabbed the remaining discography from the POLINA bandcamp page. The mathy noodling, stop/start chaos and gravelly screaming really define this short-lived and highly underappreciated band. It should also be noted that their drummer also played on the first few Foxmoulder records.

I would highly recommend all of their releases because they are all excellent and also relatively similar, as they did evolve, their style remained pretty much the same. The noodliness of songs such as "Ghostvids", "Secret Rooms" and "Mathnxiety" are all extremely mathy and engaging for any fan of Matsuri, Hot Cross or the new fellas in town Sleeper Wave and Dowager. My favourite tracks are the absolutely stellar "Sexposiyouth" and the noodly as fuck "You're Dreamy Like Lynch". "Sexposiyouth" begins with an awesome light emo intro that wouldn't fall from a Human Hands record before it begins to pick up around 40 seconds. At 1:23 shit starts to get real and by 1:40 the slowdown leads to an unreal back and forth with the guitarist and other instrumentalists which hearkens Funeral Diner and Coma Regalia. That isn't all, because at 2:43 this song gets fucking stupid good as the noodles come out in full effect and carry the song out. Godfuckingdamn. I think this song is enough to entice anyone who may enjoy POLINA, but I'll quickly discuss "You're Dreamy Like Lynch" cuz it's also stellar. This song busts right outta the gates and it pretty darn heavy. At one minute the songs hits the epicness at full speed with dueling guitar solos and a prodigious close.

If you've never checked this band you'd be doing yourself a disservice considering you just read this review. Get on it.


2010 - Demo cassetteEP (stream/download here)

2011 - Wellwisher split 7"EP (stream/download here)
           [buy 7" here]
2011 - Tour 7"EP  (stream/download here)
           [buy 7" here]
2011 - Dad Jamz cassette compilation [contributed "Fly By Night"] (stream/download here)

2013 - 4-way split 12"LP [w/Kaddish, BonehouseTodos Caerán] (stream/donate/download here)


(2013) POLINA - "Sexposiyouth" (from '4-way' split)

(2011) POLINA - "You're Dreamy Like Lynch" (from 'Wellwisher' split)

(2011) POLINA - "Secret Rooms" (from 'Tour 7inch')

(2011) POLINA - "Fly By Night" (from 'Dad Jamz' comp)

(2010) POLINA - "Ghostvids" (from 'Demo')

(2010) POLINA - "Ghostvids" (from 'Demo') live video


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