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GenresPunk / Rock / Post-Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
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CountryDundee, Scotland UNITED KINGDOM
Years Active2007-present
Song: "And So I Tell Myself to Myself"
Album: "Thick Letters to Friends"
Year: 2014
Label(s): React With Protest / Parade Of Spectres / Autumn Jams / Internationale / This One's For The Crew Records / Make-That-A-Take Records / The Ghost Is Clear Records / Black Lake Records / Boslevan Records / Desordre Ordonne / A Mountain Far / Let Your Fingers Do The Walking / Aspirations Of A Mad Man Records / Win Htein Records
This post's artist is from the January 2014 Mix. This is track #3.
You can download: the March Mix#3 right here or get the new April 2015 Mix#4 here.
For fans ofCrows-An-Wra, Suis La Lune, Off Minor, Via Fondo, Saetia, Dip Leg, Eucalypt, Caresless, For Want Of, Hot Cross, La QuieteJR Ewing, We Were Skeletons, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, ...Who Calls So Loud, and Animal Faces aka PROPER SCREAMO.

The band carries a very unique and layered sound, both instrumentally and vocally. I think the most obvious place to start is with the record 'Thick Letters to Friends' which is a fantastic record and was #13 on my top 20 of 2014 list that you can read here. "And So I Tell Myself to Myself" is the standout track, with those vocals that bounce in at 41 seconds are placed so well it's ridoobulous. This is the quintessential KADDISH song that is thick, jangly and littered with clean, suave guitar progressions. "End, As in Aim" should be a screamo anthem and is much akin to the soft, shoegazey feel of Suis La Lune. After an almost two-minute instrumental intro the band gets right into it with more amazing vocal placement at 2:18-2:47 and some sweet breakdowns amidst the twinkly bits. "But a Beat from Your Bones" is a track that ropes you in with that bass bashing and interwoven European screamo guitars. It finishes really strong with a string of ...Who Calls So Loud-esque epic screamy hardcore. "Is, Not Ought" concludes this lush journey with more of the same and worth a mention.

KADDISH's debut LP was a record with another slew of songs that are worth discussing. "...There Grows the Hours' Ladder to the Sun" is probably what Crows-An-Wra were listening to a lot because the similarity there is uncanny. It's a great song with cool clean riffs much akin to Saetia and Off Minor in their sound and jazziness. At 1:43 we are pattered with spoken word vocals of "Are we thinking yet?" then the riffs busts out like Via Fondo or something. It's so playful, engaging and refreshing. "A Book Unto Himself" is a great song, at 2:13 inserts a great part "Fade away. Fade away from me..." dual vocals but the entire song is fantastic. "To Another" is mediocre until 1:20 when the song gets crazy catchy and makes me think they are the kings of catchiness in screamo, along with Suis La Lune.



2008 - Battle Of Wolf 359 split 7" (stream the entire split on youtube here)

2010 - Kaddish 12"LP (stream/donate/download here)

2013 - 4-Way split (w/Todos Caeran, Polina & Bonehouse) 12"LP (purchase 12" here stream/buy here)

2014 - Thick Letters to Friends 12"LP (stream/buy here)


(2014) KADDISH - "And So I Tell Myself to Myself" (from 'Thick Letters to Friends')

(2014) KADDISH - "End, As in Aim" (from 'Thick Letters to Friends')
(2014) KADDISH - "But a Beat from Your Bones" (from 'Thick Letters to Friends')

(2010) KADDISH - "...There Grows the Hours' Ladder to the Sun" (from 'Kaddish')

(2010) KADDISH - "A Book Unto Himself" (from 'Kaddish')

(2010) KADDISH - "To Another" (from 'Kaddish')

(2008) KADDISH - "Combray" (from 'Battle Of Wolf 359' split)


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