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GenresPunk / Rock / Emo / Alternative / Indie / Pop
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CountryLos Angeles, California / Fort Collins, Colorado USA
Years Active2007-2010
Song: "The Connection"
Album: "The Connection"
Year: 2010
For fans ofAnthony Green, Circa Survive, Little Tyrant, Park, Saosin, Dashboard Confessional, Audience Of One, Two Tongues, Saves The Day, Ramona Cordova, Waxwing, Canvas, Rocky Votolato, Manchester Orchestra, Guiltmaker, Harvey Danger, The All-American Rejects, The Get Up Kids, Death Cab For Cutie, Weezer, Say Anything, The Promise Ring and Call It Arson.
Label(s): Deep Elm Records
This post's artist is from the June 2016 Mix. This is track #6.
You can download: the June Mix#6 right here or get the new July 2016 Mix#7 here.

I don't really have all that much to say about RIDE YOUR BIKE. I first heard a song called "The Connection" on a Deep Elm cd compilation and the similarities to Anthony Green's newer solo material are quite noticeable. Combining a beautiful falsetto false with your standard rock instrumentals and a violin, "The Connection" is a song that still resounds with me all these years later. A few years later, maybe 2010 or so, I was able to nab a copy of their debut LP on Ebay. 'Bad News from the Bar' is alright. The songs "We Couldn't Walk With Such Noise" and "So If We" are very good alternative/punk songs akin to Circa Survive and Park, which are all led by fantastic, soaring vocals.

So the review was supposed to end there, but lo and behold whilst researching for this I came upon a sophomore release from 2010 obviously centered around my favourite track that first got me into the band, 'The Connection'. Having only listened to the songs a few times I have made the following notes:
- the vocals are even warmer, more inviting and poppier, especially in track 2's "Spark"
- by track 3, "Coat Rack", I get a whiff of some The All-American Rejects but the band returns to form before I can verbalize anything coherent about it
- tracks, 4, 5 and 6 are all pretty poppy and just don't grab me the way "The Connection" did
- meh after the first round
- okay tracks 2 and 3 are definitely decent songs with only a few cheesy moments
- "Firefly" has a primary riff that is isn't my thing, as it sounds too...forced? Simple Plan? I don't know
- I don't really like "Firefly"
- "Bus" is okay
- "The Time We Took Those Chances" begins acoustically and builds a pretty decent alternative/pop-punk song and is one of the better songs on here
- "Album Preview: The Connection" is just strange as its exactly what the title states
- it's okay, but like the first album is very hit or miss for this particular listener

If you love your falsetto poppy punk/rock/emo this will be a very pleasant surprise. Should you care to purchase my only copy of the first cdLP, click here.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3/wma form.

2007 - Bad News from the Bar cdLP

2010 - The Connection digitalLP


(2010) RIDE YOUR BIKE - "The Connection" (from 'The Connection')

(2010) RIDE YOUR BIKE - "Spark" (from 'The Connection')

(2010) RIDE YOUR BIKE - "The Time We Took Those Chances" (from 'The Connection')

(2007) RIDE YOUR BIKE - "We Couldn't Walk with Such Noise" (from 'Bad News from the Bar')

(2007) RIDE YOUR BIKE - "So If We" (from 'Bad News from the Bar')


RIDE YOUR BIKE out of print mp3/wma discography download

(download here)

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