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GenresPunk / Emo / Screamo / Hardcore / Skramz
Related artistsAutarkeia, Merkit, This Tragic Hero and Whenallelsefails.
CountryFort Myers, Florida USA
Years Active1998-2006
Song: "Moonrock Millionaire"
Album: "This Desolate Veil"
Year: 2003
Label(s): IFB Records
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For fans ofUnder A Sky So Blue, Eyes Of Verotika, Storm The Bastille, Caught In The Fall, The Spirit Of Versailles, Saetia, The Truth About Dreaming, Caust, Kodan Armada, Coma Regalia, Dear Tonight, Foxmoulder, Reversal Of Man, Hugs, Montcalm, Deers!, Dispensing Of False Halos, Loma Prieta, Blue Friendмища, This Day Forward, Bright Calm Blue, Iscariote, Four Hundred Years, This Flood Covers The Earth and Part II aka PROPER SCREAMO.

Hailing from Florida, JIYUNA (aka JIYUNA!) played raw, dark, abrasive metallic screamo with gratingly high screamy vocals that never quite bordered on emo-violence. The band's recordings were released solely on the amazing IFB Records, as I just found out one of the members is my boy Nevin! What?!?!?! Anyway, the band had some phenomenal songs and some okay songs. JIYUNA will also be remembered for some really amazing packaging, mainly the final LP's tape and 'This Desolate Veil's cd version which were both housed in blocks of wood with slip sleeves and cloth/velcro covers. Stupid amazing stuff.

The band's early material from 1999 is more in the European screamo vein of bands such as Anger Is Beautiful as well as American powerhouses Seyarseмища and Mara'akate. I like the vocals but the instrumentals just aren't on par with later material so I'm not going to go into that particular era. JIYUNA's 2002 self titled LP brings to light the band that follows on the two best and final releases. I enjoy it but feel that it is worth listening to in order to appreciate the slight stylistic shift that took place on this record.

So, let's get into 2003's 'This Desolate Veil' which is my personal favourite. The opening track "Moonrock Millionaire" is easily one, if not the best song they recorded and was the one I chose for the mp3 blog mix. The band drops dual screaming and some sick instrumentals that go from crazy to relaxing all in the first minute - and the song is three minutes long! The slow, grooving parts appeal to especially with the back and forth talk/yell vocals ala Bright Calm Blue and Four Hundred Years. "Rap Factory" is killer tune with some amazing sliding bass riffs. This band is certainly one to really utilize the bass as some of the stuff on their discography is amazing and very unique to this genre of music. "Spiderfingers" sounds like a Converge ripoff at first but the song pulls through in a dark, chaotic screamy hardcore kinda way. "Part One" is a heavy and grating ordeal with an onslaught of demonically possessed vocals and pulverizing metallic hardcore that subside a wee bit near the end. "Moustache for the Downstroke" and "The Bogman Tango" follow similar, heavy themes and are worth checking out, especially the breakdown they drop at 2:24 in the former.

Despite the awkwardly titled "Possessed Marshmallows Dancing to a Creepy Beat", the song itself is more than decent but from the band's final endeavour 'The Devil is Waiting in the Palace...Rush Courageously' the track "Tula Time" definitely takes the cake as top track and one of the best ever written by the band. It begins much like People's Temple Project's second track off our мятеж split 7" with twinkly, noodley guitars that playfully intertwine in a completely nonthreatening manner. This builds with vocals jumping in just before one minute and the song really gets away from the general chaos of their band and swoop through a fantastically melodic completion of the song that is heavy but serene at the same time - think Montcalm or Deers!. "Silos and Windmills" is the opener and another one of the strongest songs on this album and has some great vocal repetition mixed with the instrumental stop/start with a hefty dose of palm muting. This final LP is one which I really didn't like as much as 'This Desolate Veil' as a whole but these three songs are fantastic. It was also the first LP I got by the band back in 2005 which drove my search for their other material.


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1999 - Demo cassetteLP
1999 - A Florida D.I.Y. Split 7 Inch w/Standing Tall 7"EP

2002 - Jiyuna cdLP

2003 - This Desolate Veil cdLP

2005 - The Devil is Waiting in the Palace...Rush Courageously cd/cassette12"LP


(2005) JIYUNA - "Tula Time" (from 'The Devil is Waiting in the Palace...Rush Courageously')

(2005) JIYUNA - "Silos and Windmills" (from 'The Devil is Waiting in the Palace...Rush Courageously')

(2003) JIYUNA - "Moonrock Millionaire" (from 'This Desolate Veil')

(2003) JIYUNA - "Moustache for the Downstroke" (from 'This Desolate Veil')

(2002) JIYUNA - "Don West Knife Show" (from 'Jiyuna')

(1999) JIYUNA - "Oscar La Vista Baby" (from 'Demo')


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