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GenresPunk / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Hardcore / Metallic Hardcore / Thrash
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CountryChardon, Ohio USA
Years Active2001-2004
Song: "Duderstadt"
Album: "...On Becoming a Person"
Year: 2004
Label(s): Immigrant Sun Records
This post's artist is from the August 2015 Mix. This is track #4.
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For fans ofIn Reverent Fear, This Day Forward, Cold Craving, CcrustNorma Jean, Arcana Cain, Buried Inside, TephraLlynch, Litany For The Whale, The Bled, Between The Buried And Me, Hopesfall, Downfall Of Gaia, Protest The Hero, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Counterparts.

There are many reasons to download this discography, but here are three obvious ones:
1) The excessive brilliance of "Duderstadt". Seriously, this song is insane. The spastic song structure. The dual vocals. The licks. Bloody hell, if anything you need to hear this song.
2) The breakdown in "Cowboys" at 1:15 is fucking murder.
3) "Two Weeks After Birth" just before 30 seconds goes into a whirlwind breakdown of thrash/hardcore that is pummeling and catchy all at the same time.

Violent, heavy and in your fucking face, CIRCLES OVER SIDELIGHTS released a few short albums when they were insanely young, as they were just finishing high school when their first album was released. Mathy, thrashy and metallic hardcore instrumentals with great off-time transitions lead the charge and are combined with gut wrenching vocals here and there, but mostly the vocals are a cross between old This Day ForwardIn Reverent Fear and Between The Buried And Me although "Red Chair" sneaks in some clean vocals amidst the screaming.

Most of the band's songs cross the five-minute mark such as "The Paradigm of a Skywriter" clocking in at almost 10 minutes that consist of epic post-hardcore/post-metal with a slow, post-rock last half that is barren of vocals. "On Self Knowledge" also squeezes into a 9-minute outfit on the band's EP release and eventually gets Rosetta on us at the two-minute mark and again after six minutes, with this track leaning more to the ambient, spacey and droning genres. "Twenty-Two Illustrations" is the only song to eclipse 10 minutes and it's a fucking doozy. The opening acts as a thunderous, dark cloud that brightens up a little around three minutes when Between The Buried And Me apparently makes an appearance (not really) and then the heaviness continues to taper off until the end of the song, which happens to be the final track off the second EP.

From the '...On Becoming a Person' cdLP "Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Never" has a sweet acoustic section preceded by some of the heaviest riffs the band put to cd. Also, the end is unreal. Killer song. Along the same line "Putting Essence Between Incentive", "Suspects Accusing Silhouettes" and "Red Chair" are heavy, pounding tracks that resemble This Day Forward's older material more than anything else. "Stay Awhile" concludes the full length with a slow, dreamy instrumental passage the doesn't even make it to two minutes.

From the same year (2004) CIRCLES OVER SIDELIGHTS also released 'What is and What is to Become' which housed "The Coming of the Ship" which is a pretty decent instrumental track that has more substance than some of the other ambient, slower moments from the band. "To Give Only to the Deserving" is one of the band's most progressive songs, which I like and don't. It's alright but doesn't get me going nearly as much as...say, pretty well all of the band's first record. The EP itself isn't bad, but the first LP is definitely a more enjoyable listen unless you have to have progression.

So there you have my little synopsis. Check'em out. They were damn ass good.


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2004 - ...On Becoming a Person cdLP
2004 - What is and What is to Become cdEP


(2004) CIRCLES OVER SIDELIGHTS - "Duderstadt" (from '...On Becoming a Person')

(2004) CIRCLES OVER SIDELIGHTS - "Cowboys" (from '...On Becoming a Person')

(2004) CIRCLES OVER SIDELIGHTS - "Two Weeks After Birth" (from 'What is and What is to Become')


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