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GenresPunk / Emo / Screamo / Hardcore
Related artistsBright Calm Blue, Wasteoid, The Ghostrunners, Luck Of Aliea and Laughing Falcon.
CountryLincoln, Nebraska USA
Years Active1997-2000
Song: "Song #6"
Album: "Ecorche"
Year: 1998
Label(s): 402 Records Co-op / Sanguine Records / Cycle Records
This post's artist is from the August 2015 Mix. This is track #3.
You can download: the August Mix#8 right here or get the new September 2015 Mix#9 here.
For fans ofBright Calm Blue, September, Congratulations, Indian Summer, Honeywell, Four Hundred Years, Saetia, Coma Regalia, Funeral Diner, Catena Collapse...Who Calls So Loud, Montcalm, Ken Burns, Exploder, Potence, Grade and Navio Forge aka PROPER SCREAMO.

If you know Bright Calm Blue, you probably love Bright Calm Blue. If you don't know ECORCHE today's your lucky day. One member, Ian Whitmore (aka the vocalist) from Bright Calm Blue headed up ECORCHE right before Bright Calm Blue was born. I was lucky enough to comb through Ebay a few years back and collect the band's entire discography on vinyl which I have transferred to mp3 and uploaded in this post.

Let's start with the best stuff, the self-titled 12"EP. This sucker is five songs of pure screamy hardcore gold with some additional softer emo stuff going on. Tracks such as "Small Talk", "Song #6" and "See This" and "The Victim and the Wounded" are all exceptional, with "Song #6" being my favourite by the band. This track is almost a mirror image...errr, sound of Bright Calm Blue and really sold me on the band, so be sure to check that shit out.

The Her Fly Away Manner split 7" was ECORCHE's final output and further heads in the Bright Calm Blue direction, especially with "Bury Tomorrow" which blasts out with all out aggression and no talking/yelling, just screaming until the last minute when things finally slow down and the song takes on a hella Funeral Diner feel, particularly from the 'Difference of Potential' era. "Song #10" is the band's heaviest outing and the shortest, clocking in at a mere 2:04.

The Foundation split 7" is much harsher. The band hadn't really delved into the whole quiet/Slint/Indian Summer thing and instead drops heavy, dirty hardcore with some diy, low recording quality crunch and a firm grasp on decent song structure. These two songs are probably my least favourite but are still well worth some listens, especially if the caustic/crust/hardcore thing is your...thing.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form. (backup link here)

1998 - Ecorche 12"EP
1998 - Foundation split 7"EP

1999 - Her Fly Away Manner split 7"EP


(1998) BRIGHT CALM BLUE - "Song #6" (from 'Ecorche')

(1998) BRIGHT CALM BLUE - "Small Talk" (from 'Ecorche')

(1998) BRIGHT CALM BLUE - "The Victim and the Wounded" (from 'Ecorche')

(1998) BRIGHT CALM BLUE - "Ours" (from 'Foundation' split)

(1999) BRIGHT CALM BLUE - "Bury Tomorrow" (from 'Her Fly Away Manner' split)


ECORCHE out of print mp3 discography download

(download here)

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