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GenresInstrumetal / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal
Related artistsN/A.
CountryRome ITALY
Years Active2006-present
Song: "Euskadia"
Album: "Odyssea"
Year: 2007
Label(s): Subsound Records / The Burning Beard
This post's artist is from the December 2014 Mix. This is track #13.
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For fans of: Finger Of God, Pelican, Russian Circles, Ornaments, Mono, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai5iveMilanku, Gifts From Enola, Omega Massif, Isis, The Black Heart Rebellion, MerridewTundra, Black Clouds, Tessa, Maserati, Shy, Low, Quiet LakesRed Sparrows and Godspeed, You! Black Emperor.

Phil Norman, aka my dad, loves Envy. After showing some interest in Pelican and then the exceptionally under-appreciated Gifts From Enola, I let him borrow my TOMYDEEPESTEGO cd. To my surprise it became one of his favourites. That should give you a bit of an idea of how accessible this band can be. Sure, the songs generally hover around the 10-minute mark but they have a certain ambient draw to them - not in the slow, sometimes boring sense, but in the massive, engaging and interesting way.

All you need to do is take the 9-minute "Euskadia" from 2007's 'Odyssea', plop yourself down on a couch with the lights off or do something grand like walk up a mountain and jam this song. I would be flabbergasted it didn't make whatever you were doing a little more epic and by the end you'll probably even be more satisfied with whatever you did in general. The first half focuses on the heavier side of instru-metal which is much akin to Pelican, until the army-esque drumming rolls in at about 4:40 and carries the song to a slow, driving, dreamy and post-hardcore/post-metal heaven. "Renovatio" is a fantastically catchy number that is a total cross between Finger Of God, Pelican and Gifts From Enola. "Tora" is an 11-minute masterpiece with a twinkly intro that morphs into a real headbanger, and the second song "Mizar" I could say the same thing about.

The band has three albums, only one of which I've focused on because I only just found out they had the two latter releases. Okay, now it's two weeks later. Let's continue:

2009's 'Chronophage' busts outta the gate pronto with much heavier and darker material than their debut. "Dr. Disagius" is much heavier, denser and moodier than most instrumental music and harkens 'Australasia'-era Pelican with less time changes. "Cicadus" takes a grooving, deep riff and expands it into a full band moshfest. "Controversy (Act I, Inferno)" starts out like a prog-rock jam before dropping the pendulum just after the one-minute mark which somehow seeps into an epic, stringed arrangement that my mom could jam in the car. "J.H.I." has some chanting vocals of "hey", but that is the extent of the vocal element. "Milla" is a nice, thick atmoshpheric (hehehe) romp through instrumental bliss and "Libero Arbitrio (Act III, Paradiso)" is an amazing closer with a fucking huge opus to complete the album.

2012's 'Nero' isn't really all that different from the first two records. The songs are epic in nature but much shorter, with only "23:45" eclipsing the 6-minute mark as all the other songs are 4-5 minutes. "23:45" reminds me a lot of Tool meets Envy as it lays out some lush soundscapes right before violently dismantling them during the huge breakdowns. The title track "Nero" is my favourite thus far, as it gracefully bobs and weaves like spaceship through an asteroid field with some subdued moments but this track also churns out some of the band's heaviest riffs and seems to be over far too quick, clocking in at a mere 4:43.

So yeah, that should be enough to entice any instrumetal fan of bands like Pelican and Russian Circles. Bam, sucka.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2007 - Odyssea cd/2x12"LP (stream here)

2009 - Chronophage cdLP (stream/buy here)

2012 - Nero 12"LP (stream/donate/download here)


(2007) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "Euskadia" (from 'Odyssea')

(2007) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "Renovatio" (from 'Odyssea')

(2009) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "Dr. Disagius" (from 'Chronophage')

(2009) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "Libero Arbitrio (Act III, Paradiso)" (from 'Chronophage')

(2012) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "Nero" (from 'Nero')

(2012) TOMYDEEPESTEGO - "23:45" (from 'Nero')


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