Tuesday 30 December 2014


CRYDOME, the first show? The last show? I don't know, but I do know that December 5th was an exceptional show at the newly appointed screamo headquarters in Toronto, as Skramden Yards closed down in November of 2014 and birthed this bad boy.

***View the full video list including the LONELY ANIMALS set it its entirety here***

Fuck me, I'm sorry WOODLOUSE. As I told Justin (guitar, also plays in Congratulations and New Wings->now disbanded) I needed to delete the ZBR fest videos from my card and was cycling through, your video was the only one I'd shot from the show at that point but despite the 1/20 odds, I stopped on and pressed delete without thinking and happened to stop on their video. Fuck me, indeed. I can say, however, that I was thoroughly impressed with the claustrophobic noise that permeated the basement room of Crydome. The fuzzed-out, sludgy and dissonant guitar weaved in and out with the drums and bass while the animal shrieks and growls gave the band an even larger presence. Well done, boys.

Next up was a semi-local group named TERRY GREEN who seem to gathering an army of fans. Seriously, after every show I always hear people talking and buying the tapes. I can also attest through the Zegema Beach Records distro that I brought that they dig Scowler, GRYSCL and Congratulations, among others - which is a pretty solid base for influence! I also advise all fans to check out Van Johnson, an Ottawa band from the early 2000s that played a very similar style of groovy, screamy and almost danceable hardcore. Anyways, they played a very emotional set, which had Adrien (vocals) sprawled out on the floor by the end. Seriously these guys kill it every time.

As you will see from the first video (I've posted their full set here) the band is "fucking excited" to play this show. Ten seconds before I started shooting this video, the band looked into the audience, which was packed into the basement and said "Holy shit, there's a lot of people here." I was really excited to see them play as I'd briefly discussed getting involved with the band's recordings at some point after seeing a live video of them in Montreal over a year ago. I won't lie, LONELY ANIMALS blew me away. Fucking entrancing. The music isn't chaotic, although it is screamy. The individual instruments mesh together in a way that saturates the room with sound like bands such as Mono and Godspeed You Black Emperor are able to. They also graced us with a new song right off the bat! Check it along with with their full set here.

FOXMOULDER closed the night kicking ass, as per usual. They played a new song which was really heavy and really showcases some sweet Rohan moments which can be viewed here. They also played my new favourite "Tempest Ill" and I got a great shot of Darren and that killer bass riff. The band was mentally out of sorts with a few hiccups, but those hiccups became the subject of hilarious between-song banter. They will be recording for a 1-sided 12" next year, stars permitting.

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