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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Emo / Screamo / Noise / Thrash / Ambient / Skramz / 
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CountryBenejúzar (La Vega Baja, Alicante) SPAIN
Years Active2004-2006
Song: "Las Trincheras del Ivan"
Album: "Quien Encuentra La Madre Conoce A Los Hijos"
Year: 2006
Label(s): Existencia / I've Come For Your Children / Escucha! Records / Error Records / Horror Vacui Theatre / Astoria Records / Tumorati Di Dio Records
This post's artist is from the December 2014 Mix. This is track #1.
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For fans of: Gantz, Angel Eyes, Tetola93Sed Non Satiata, Forget Me Not, Envy, Apollo 18, Hollow Jan, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Blue FriendFuneral Diner, Dip Leg, The Black Heart RebellionLa Parade, Nitro Mega Prayer, Loma PrietaBirthday Boyz, Swan Of Tuonela and Viva Belgrado aka PROPER SCREAMO.

I only listened to COREA for the first time earlier this year (2014) because my pal Jesse from Altar Of Complaints posted about them. Thank science for that. COREA played massive punk/noise-screamo from Spain and continue to kick my ass from the grave.

In a nutshell...beautifully monstrous noise-screamo. Piercing screams. Epic songs. Noise interludes, generally as intros and outros to songs. COREA recorded a masterpiece back in 2004 when they put 'Los Peores 7 Km de Mi Vida' to cd. "La muerte fosiliza el recuerdo - El grito cristaliza la agon¡a" is soft and calming as it weaves and strokes through gentle atmospheric waters. This fantastic intro always get me bobbing and sounds like a hefty portion of Gantz, in my opinion. After the halfway point expect much harsher material that gravitates toward an electronic meltdown.

"Cuando el mar pierde las conchas" is the polar opposite as it shreds and tears through the first minute, leaving traces of melody and structure in the noise, chaos and hypnotic and breakdown blasts. After two more minutes of this the song shifts nicely into an atmospheric/acoustic outro to help the listener wind down, or destruction within society would ensue. "Interrupciones" starts strong in a similar fashion and doesn't let up for four minutes when they finally incorporate a swinging, disorienting guitar squeal. The heavier moments remind me of the scathing Japanese thrash/screamo band (now defunct) Tetola93.

The first two minutes of "Ofelia" are simply stunning, as the song slides effortlessly from one huge part to another, generally with what I would call "screamo breakdowns" (no chugging). With often jarring rhythms, especially at the 3-minute mark, this masterpiece eventually falls apart but is nabbed with a nice repeating riff after those first, five, fantastic minutes. Like many of the band's songs, this is pretty long and clocks in at over 10 minutes, with most ranging in the 5-10 bracket.

I personally didn't get nearly as into the band's second effort 'Quien Encuentra La Madre Conoce A Los Hijos' as much as the first, as it seems to drift a little more aimlessly, at times. That being said, be sure to at least check out "Las Trincheras del Ivan" which builds like Envy meets Angel Eyes with sprawling riffs, ambiance and some very conservative sprinkling of screaming, as it's one of COREA's best tracks. "Lo que está quieto es fácil de retener; lo que todavia es débil es fácil de romper" and "Voy a morir como nunca ha muerto nadie antes" are also decent tracks but don't get me nearly as excited as the songs from 2004. Who cares, though. It's all amazing!!!


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2004 - Los Peores 7 Km de Mi Vida cdLP

2006 - Quien Encuentra La Madre Conoce A Los Hijos cd/2x12"LP (purchase cd here)


(2004) COREA - "Ofelia" (from 'Los Peores 7 Km de mi Vida')

(2004) COREA - "La muerte fosiliza el recuerdo - El grito cristaliza la agon¡a" (from 'Los Peores 7 Km de mi Vida')

(2004) COREA - "Interrupciones" (from 'Los Peores 7 Km de mi Vida')

(2004) COREA - "Cuando el mar pierde las conchas" (from 'Los Peores 7 Km de mi Vida')

(2006) COREA - "Las Trincheras del Ivan" (from 'Quien Encuentra La Madre Conoce A Los Hijos')

(2006) COREA - "Voy a morir como nunca ha muerto nadie antes" (from 'Quien Encuentra La Madre Conoce A Los Hijos')


COREA out of print mp3 discography download / additional links

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Purchase Quien Encuentra La Madre Conoce A Los Hijos cd here


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