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GenresPunk / Grind / Screamo / Hardcore / Thrash / Math Rock / Metal / Experimental / Skramz
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CountryColorado Springs, Colorado USA
Years Active2000-2007
Song: "Cheeseburger Karma 2004 - A Jam Odyssey"
Album: "Behold The Fuck Thunder"
Year: 2004
Label(s): Thinker Thought Records / Too Bad You're Beautiful Recordings / Soulless Lemming Records / Waving Wheat Records / Lots Of Love
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Never heard THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE before? These guys will fucking destroy you. Fast, chaotic, screamy as all hell, weird, funny, crazy and talented are all pretty apt descriptions. The band's releases were all, for the most part, grindy/powerviolence/metallic-screamo with some obvious melodies sped up three to four times just to fuck with coupled with mind-reeling song titles and insanely short songs lengths.

Starting with THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE's demo 7" 'Why Humans Think Computers Cant'...this shit was hard to find. I scoured ebay for a good two to three years before finally grabbing it for $15 or something. It's raw and slower, with many a nod to Botch's early 'The John Birch Conspiracy Theory'-era work and the first Ed Gein release, aka mathy hardcore with scathing vocals. Of all the band's work this is my least favourite. My computer has, for some unexplained reason, deleted the first of the four tracks on my hard drive, so I've only posted tracks 2-4. If anyone else has this please upload it for all to enjoy!

This was followed by a very influential and important album, the ''Splosion' cd/10" picture disc that only has one song that really resonates with me. That song is "They Say the People Elect the Government They Deserve, but I Don't Remember Knife-Raping Any Retarded Nuns" and comes the closest to fine-tuning the band's sound. The album is decent, but after hearing 'Behold The Fuck Thunder' this is kind of like reading a kids book when you are older. I guess in comparison it sounds loose, awkward at times and generally less inventive.

'Behold The Fuck Thunder' is THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE's masterpiece. Look no further than the absolutely exceptional and essential "Cheeseburger Karma 2004 - A Jam Odyssey" which hits on every ridiculous aspect that the band has to offer. In less than one minute, you've got aggressive/heavy finger-tapping goodness, murder guitars, breakdowns, some Southern flare, mathy time changes and over-the-top puke/screaming. You've also the insane breakdown in "Girl, are You Pregnant...It's not My Fault, You Seduced Me" at the 30-second mark which is the fastest breakdown I've ever heard. "Let's Fall in Love over AIM so we can Fuck when we meet at Cornerstone" is the first great track with even more of that southern-tinged An Albatross-meets-metal from the 11-song album which could probably be listed as an EP or an LP, with the entire thing running less than 11 minutes! That's pretty short, but it's to be expected when you've got stuff like "My Other Car is a Centaur", which is a 17-second romp with ridiculous vocals/lyrics that read, "Her name was Lola, she was a dancer." followed by a guy speaking into a mic, "Thank you very much, You really are a sophisticated audience." Obviously these guys saw their lyrics, band name and recordings as a bit of a joke and were able to poke fun at themselves. I also heard from one of the nicest people that I know that they were maybe they took it a bit too far. I don't know.

Moving on to the 'Bleeding Kansas split' 7" which was hugely under-appreciated (and I still have one is stock here!). This was my first introduction to the band and it was so good that I quickly bought everything I could get my hands on, including the sweet-ass whale skeleton/kids shirt that I have pictured above. Tracks like "Come On, Jesus, Let's Fucking Party" and "Never Mind the Amputees, Let's Have Sex" are classic THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE and include some of the band's heaviest and screamiest work. I also really love the eerie, slow part in the middle of "Come On, Jesus, Let's Fucking Party".

I've recently been shown a live video from the band in 2002 playing "You're Not A Man Until You've Been With One" which apparently from some lost, obscure and, according to the video, out of print demo 3"cd. You can watch the video here or at the bottom of the youtube embeds. If you know anyone who's got this bad boy, please post it in the comments section!

There's a decent history about the band linked here. Grab the discography including the 7" demo (minus the first track which was erased from my computer, somehow) here.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

200? - 3" demo cd (anyone have this?)

2002 - Why Humans Think Computers Can't 7"EP (I am missing track 1, anyone have this release?)

2003 - 'Splosion cd/10"LP

2004 - Behold The Fuck Thunder cd/12"LP
2004 - Bleeding Kansas split 7"EP


(2004) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "Cheeseburger Karma 2004 - A jam odyssey" (from 'Behold The Fuck Thunder')

(2004) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "Girl, are You Pregnant...It's not My Fault, You Seduced Me" (from 'Behold The Fuck Thunder')

(2004) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "Did you Ever Notice that stat is tats Backward, Dude that's so Tribal" (from 'Behold The Fuck Thunder')

(2004) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "It sure does get Lonely out here in the Boondocks, thankd God for Cock" (from 'Behold The Fuck Thunder')

(2004) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "Come On, Jesus, Let's Fucking Party" (from 'Bleeding Kansas split')

(2004) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "Never Mind the Amputees, Let's Have Sex" (from 'Bleeding Kansas split')

(2003) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "They Say the People Elect the Government They Deserve, but I Don't Remember Knife-Raping Any Retarded Nun" (from 'S'plosion')

(2002) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "Ninjas are Awesome, and by Awesome I Mean Totally Sweet" (from 'Why Humans Think Computers Can't')

(2002) THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE - "You're Not A Man Until You've Been With One" (from '3" demo') live video


THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE out of print mp3 discography download

(download here)


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