Tuesday 7 October 2014

***ZBR Show #3 / The Reptilian / Two Knights / Congratulations / Total Bummer!!! / Wimp City***

ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS Show #3 - The Reptilian, Two Knights, Congratulations, Total Bummer!!! and Wimp City.

WIMP CITY opened with a very quick set, presumably because their singer was unable to attend. Nontheless, the bass and drum duo from Hamilton's Sketchbooks blasted out 10 minutes of noise and I was just able to get this last song recorded before they finished.
TOTAL BUMMER!!! is impossible to describe because they have 3 rotating vocalists who switch out with other instruments. There are quite a few styles covered and I've included a video for each to show you what I mean. The first is stoner/post-punk stuff with shouted vocals, the second is a poppy number that sounds like it could be in a Quentin Tarantino movie while the third has maniacal screaming.
TWO KNIGHTS lose glasses and apparent stability but by golly they fucking rocked Hamilton. I expected the band to be good but they were awesome live. Definitely check them out and they are super nice guys! They play twinkly screamo somewhere between The Exploration and Trachimbrod and are heavy on the emo. They played a new song off of an upcoming split. People were digging the hell out of this band!
THE REPTILIAN were the main draw of the night, and as you can see from this video and they commanded as a 3-piece playing technical, twinkly screamo with the drummer and bassist also tackle vocal duties, which are mostly shouty/screamy with some gruff spoken stuff. They played lots of material and I think I ended up capturing about 80-90% of it.
CONGRATULATIONS played to quite a few people who were able to stay late on a weeknight and didn't disappoint. They played passionately as always, with Anthony breaking a string and continuing the last 2 songs without it. Lots of screaming. Lots of sing-alongs. Lots of atmosphere. Fuck yes.

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