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GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Emo / Screamo
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CountryTrondheim, NORWAY
Years Active2001-present
Song: "Ink for Bullets"
Album: "Nord"
Year: 2009
Label(s): Not Another Record Label / Great Northern Records / Denovali Records / Fysisk Records / Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records / Apocaplexy Records / Superfluous
This post's artist is from the October 2014 Mix. This is track #3.
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For fans of: Furtive ForestMihai EdrischVia Fondo, Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, Youth Novel, La Parade, EnvyNous Etions, Touche Amore, Amanda Woodward, Daitro, Sed Non Satiata, Raein, Rainmaker, Bleeding KansasYoung Mountain, JR Ewing, Viva Belgrado, Black LoveYage and Adhesive aka PROPER SCREAMO.

Dominic. The kid from Kindergarten Cop. DOMINIC, also a band from Norway. So I listened to two DOMINIC releases four or five years ago and was blown away by 2 songs. Yes, only 2 songs on 'Nord'. They have screaming pretty much the entire time. These 2 songs are some of the best screamo I've heard in the last five years, so I find it very strange how polarized I am regarding the band. Putting that aside, just go jam these 2 songs, "End of Man" and "Ink for Bullets". They are bliss. Imagine (or rather, hear it) Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Daitro with hoarser vocals like Furtive Forest or older Touche Amore, and even borders on Bleeding Kansas at times. The instrumentals are a dreamy, European screamo fan's heaven - I shit you not. Take "Ink for Bullets" and the slow, grooving, Daitro-esque part that begins at 1:05 and made this my wife's favourite song of that year. The majority of the band's 2006 LP 'Dominic' is another really good album as well, and as a whole stands up better as an album, but doesn't have the 2 songs. Dave, shut up about the 2 songs. Grab most of the discography on the DOMINIC bandcamp page here and go check those embeds for sure, my friends. I should mention I don't like the new and old stuff as much as their 2006-2009 era stuff, but it's still decent - I just don't like the singing all too much. Goodbye giant paragraph.



2003 - Dominic EP (stream/donate/download here)

2004 - Running with Scissors EP (stream/download here)
2004 - Single Series 7" (anyone have this?)

2006 - Dominic LP (stream/donate/download here)

2009 - Nord cd/12"LP (stream/donate/download here)
2009 - The Third Memory split 12"EP (download here)

2011 - Dominic 7"EP (anyone have this?)

2012 - Dominic 10"EP  (stream 2 songs here)

2013 - Persona cd/12"LP (stream 2 songs here)


(2009) DOMINIC - "Ink for Bullets" (from 'Nord')

(2009) DOMINIC - "End of Man" (from 'Nord')

(2006) DOMINIC - "An Empty Barrel of Shame" (from 'Dominic' LP)

(2006) DOMINIC - "The March" (from 'Dominic' LP)

(2004) DOMINIC - "Simple Plan" (from 'Running with Scissors')


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