Wednesday 8 October 2014

***VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET - Den sorgligaste musiken i världen***


'Den sorgligaste musiken i världen'
12"LP premiere and pre-order

That's right, I'm doing a post for a band I've already done, just to let you know about their new album. VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET premiered their new 12"LP 'Den sorgligaste musiken i världen' today on Zegema Beach Records and Blood Of The Young Records, and I am lucky enough to bring you the first track "Leva som snö" as a youtube video, as well as a link to the pre-order and a stream of the entire, 8-track album.

The band didn't seek me out to help release this, I begged and pleaded with them as well as Nick from Blood Of The Young to let me be involved. This is a blatant promotional effort because this album deserves some serious attention from every dreamy/epic screamo fan. Right outta the gate you've got a member from the much heralded (and rightfully so) Khayembii Communique. Second, their past 3 releases have steadily gotten better. This 4th release literally is up there with albums by Funeral Diner, ...Who Calls So Loud, Sed Non Satiata, Envy, Iscariote and Godspeed, You! Black Emperor and obviously combine sounds that are very reminiscent of those bands but have put their own touch and mark on a genre (screamy punk/hardcore, I guess?) that should stand for quite some time. I've released a lot of stuff and have listened to a shit-ton of bands, so please take my honest word for it when I say this is easily one of the top 5 releases of the year and one of the best screamo albums I've ever heard.

Do yourself a favour and check out the songs on the Zegema Beach Records bandcamp page that I've just made live here.

Their is a link to the pre-order here.

You can also read my review of the band's older material (2 digital EPs and a split with Chuck Bass, the latter was also released on Zegema Beach Records) by clicking here.

Please support the band and labels just by listening, because in the end it's all about the music, and this music is fucking amazing.

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