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GenresPunk / Rock / Emotional Hardcore / Metal / Screamo
Related artistsCapacities, Black Kites, Take Down Your Art, This Ship Will Sink,
                        A Petal Fallen, Pyramids, The Assistant and You And I.
Country: New Jersey, USA
Years Active: 2005-2008
Song: "...And Time Is Running Out"
Album: "Lost Between Hands Held Tight"
Year: 2006
Record Label(s): Inkblot Records / Paramnesia / Ape Must Not Kill Ape / Protagonist Music /
                            Exotic Fever Records
This post's artist is from the December 2013 Mix. This is track #17.
You can download the December 2013 Mix right here.
For fans of: Rats Into Robots, Since By Man, Botch, Mercy Ties, Neil Perry, Zann,
                  Caitlyn Bailey, Mares of Thrace, Kodan Armada, Llynch, Amber,
                  This Ship Will SinkForstella Ford, Black Kites, The Assistant, Capacities,
                  Litany For The Whale, Zozobra, Ruhaeda, Totem Skin, Tempest,
                  Ruptures, OrchidPhoenix Bodies, and You And I aka PROPER Screamo.

Yep, another one of Tom Schlatter's bands. This means 3 things:
1 - I love it.
2 - It's heavy, screamy, chaotic and melodic with a metallic edge.
3 - There's an exclusive short interview excerpt included below!

Songs like the quintessential "The Beast" and "Deconstructing the I/It" from the 'Lost Between Hands Held Tight' bear obvious similarities to Tom's previous outfit, This Ship Will Sink. This sound is a combination of dark, metallic tinged hardcore that borders between crazy and melodic. This is epic, crazy and melodic all at the same time. The band incorporated very political lyrics (yeah, big surprise) with chant-a-longs like "Everything I'm working toward, reduced to a dollar sign." Another fantastic thing about IN FIRST PERSON was the packaging. The cd/12" combo for '' is simply astounding. There are some pics next to the interview to give you a vague idea of the scope and effort that went. In the end, I would have to say that IN FIRST PERSON injects the most epic and complete sounding songs that have come out of the Schlatter skrabies. Want proof? Bam.

Here's what Tom had to say about IN FIRST PERSON. His full interview will be posted in January!

"In First Person can be broken up into three phases: the first would be the Vanessa/Tom/Jake phase. We started with no bass player, Jake and I were both playing through three amps.  It was excessive and the songs just didn’t come out very well.  We asked Jake to leave the band and Benn Roe joined to play bass.  This second phase, the Vanessa/Tom/Benn phase; was how we recorded all of the records.  Benn, though still excessive with amps, really refined the sound and we were writing music that sounded much more like what I had in my head.  Benn was also living at a house in Philadelphia that did shows regularly so we were playing there on a regular basis.  Benn stepped down from the band a year or two later and Rob (who now plays guitar for Capacities) joined on bass.  The third phase of Vanessa/Tom/Rob was the exiting phase.  We wrote some more songs, played some more shows, but the project had just run it’s course.  Through the course of the band I had bought a house and then scrambled to sell it during the market crash.  My job was outsourced after 5 years of employment. It was the most stressful time in my life.  I think the “Lost Between…” LP is such a good documentation of that."

Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2006 - Demo
2006 - Lost Between Hands Held Tight cd/12"combo

2008 - Storm The Bastille Split 12"LP
2008 - Titan Split 7"
2008 - Keep Singing! A Benefit for Compassion Over Killing Comp cd (contributed
           "Shades of Gray")


(2007) IN FIRST PERSON - "The Beast" (from 'Lost Between Hands Held Tight') live video

(2006) IN FIRST PERSON - "...And Time is Running Out" (from 'Lost Between Hands Held Tight')

(2008) IN FIRST PERSON - "En Sabah Nur" (from 'Titan' split)

(2008) IN FIRST PERSON - "Effrontery" (from 'Storm The Bastille' split)
(2008) IN FIRST PERSON - "Shades of Gray" (from 'Keep Singing!' comp)

IN FIRST PERSON out-of-print discography mp3 download

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