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This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #28.

Genres: Post-Hardcore / Punk / Math Rock / Experimental
Related artists: Neil Perry, You & I, Joshua Fit For Battle, Nineteen(Nineteen), The Now, Get Fucked, Track of Monarchs, Makara and Paramedic!.
Country: Philadelphia, USA
Years Active: 2003-2005
Song: "Behold a Pale Horse"
Album: Welcome the Plague Year cd
Year: 2004
For fans of: All 'Ebullition/Level-Plane'-style screamo bands, aka Proper SCREAMO.

Born from the ashes of Neil Perry and Joshua Fit For Battle (once Josh Jakubowski left both of those bands to pursue Hot Cross full-time) WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR will temporarily satiate anyone's appetite who is still reeling from the now decade-old break-up of those two godly bands . For any of my friends that are well-versed in my obsession, you know that nothing beats Neil Perry. Nothing. Neil Perry = Amazing. Hot Cross = Fantastic. The Now = Blissful. Joshua Fit For Battle = Phenomenal. WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR = the closest sounding thing to Neil Perry. If you liked Neil Perry's atmospherics, they are fleshed-out and woven into the soundscape of many of the band's tracks. If you were a fan of Neil Perry's brutal-yet-melodic take of post-harcore and screamo, this will send you into a frenzy of giddiness - as these heavy passages make anything else done by any of the other bands seem relatively tame.

Perhaps I should clarify for those who are not aware of Neil Perry (i'm nudging you and whispering 'i'm sooooo sorry'). WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR played a very booming style of screamo that is much akin to all the bands listed above. This style, which I'm going to dub "2000 Philly screamo", as you may have guessed, popped up just before the year 2000 in Philadelphia and is generally characterized (says I) by having both clean and distorted guitars that rotate through very soft grooving passages, screamy breakdowns with (usually) 2 vocalists and heavy, mathy, breakneck freak-outs. The musical edge that separates WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR from those other historic bands is, they were able to make the pretty parts very pretty, while at the same time, those same interludes were eerily unnerving and the listener probably felt like shit was going to hit the fan any moment. Then it does, and the screamers (one male and one female, not that you can tell) tear your life apart as the instrumentals create a tidal wave of structured, booming and intricate hardcore that is the screamo version of the apocalypse. (see also, Ruhaeda)

To sum this up, WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR sounded like a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by bands of violent hooligans who were still reeling from social, economic and environmental collapse. I guess as a species we're not too far off.

Beautiful desolation, in lyrical and musical form. Fuck it. I'm out.


Considering all of WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR's material is out of're welcome.
Click )==>here<==( to download Neil Perry's bastard child in mp3 discography form.
2003 - Demo cdEP

2004 - Welcome the Plague Year cd/12"LP
2004 - Funeral Diner split 7"
2004 - Quiet. Still. Dead. 7" (same track as cd version)

2005 - Ampere split 5"

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WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR - "Doomsday Parade" (from 'Welcome The Plague Year' cd)

WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR - "Craft Messenger" (from 'Welcome The Plague Year' cd)

WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR - "Behold a Pale Horse" (from 'Welcome The Plague Year' cd)
WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR - "We Had Hoped For So Much More" (from 'Funeral Diner' split 7")


WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR out of print discography mp3 download


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