Friday 7 June 2013


This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #5.

Genres: Melodic Hardcore / Atmospheric Rock / Punk Rock / Emo
Related artists: Empathy, Falling ForwardUp the Empire, Bling Kong and Kilowatthours.
Country: US
Years Active: 1995-2004
Song: Calm Americans
Album: False Cathedrals
Year: 2000
For fans of: The Get Up Kids, Explosions in the Sky, Jimmy Eats World, Saves the Day,  (later)Codeseven, (mid-era)Cave In, Mogwai and Sigur Ros.

ELLIOT was a difficult band for me to get into. First off, I heard the song "Calm Americans" while I was obsessing over Saves the Day, so when I initially bought 'False Cathedrals', I was extremely disappointed. "Calm Americans" is the 'hardest' song that ELLIOT ever wrote, and is pretty much the only song that is comparable to Saves the Day, and to be more specific, it is very reminiscent of STD's song, "At Your Funeral".

ELLIOT's work falls into 3 relatively distinct styles:
1) Their early work sounds like a mix of unpolished punk/emo, much akin to the kind of stuff that The Get Up Kids were playing up to and including their phenomenal 'Woodson' EP.
2) The 'False Cathedrals' LP and everything else released from late '98 to 2000 was what I would consider their 'signature' sound. These years perfectly mixed soothing-yet-strained vocals and thickly layered guitar work with occasional dreamy plucking.
3) 'Song in the Air', the band's final studio output, falls into the dreamy/atmospheric rock category, which is great relaxing music, but ultimately pales in comparison to 'False Cathedrals'.

I would recommend starting with 'US Songs', followed by 'False Cathedrals' and hitch 'Songs in the Air' to the tail-end of your listening if 'False Cathedrals' wasn't too sappy for you.

1996 - In Transit 7"

1998 - US Songs cd/12"LP (download in 4 album-zip here)

1999 - If They Do 7" (download in 4 album-zip here)

2000 - False Cathedrals cd/12"LP (download in 4 album-zip here)

2000 - Garrison Split cassette

2000 - Will You 7"EP

2003 - Song in the Air cd/12"LP (download in 4 album-zip here)

2005 - Photorecording cd/dvd (compilation/documentary)

2013 - Songs in a Transit Wind 12"LP

???? - Sunday Evening Dinner Club and Kid Dynamite Split 7"


youtube )))))audio((((( links

ELLIOT - Dionysus Burning (from US Songs)

ELLIOT - Voices/Calm Americans (from False Cathedrals)
ELLIOT - Cavalry Song (from False Cathedrals)
youtube (((((live video))))) link
ELLIOT - Believe (LIVE VIDEO from the album Song in the Air)


  1. your Elliot download links are down/unavailable,any chances of a re-up,please?

    1. Of course! Here ya go:

  2. Hey man have you seen any downloads of the Will You 7" or the Songs In A Transit Wind collection? If so can you send a link? Thanks!

  3. Hey man would it be possible for you to re-upload these? All of the links are dead. Thanks!