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This post's artist is from the May 2013 Mix, this is track #11.

Genres: Indie Rock / Alternative / Folk
Related artists: Mk Ultra, The Mountain Goats, Spoon, Death Cab for Cutie, Scott Solter and
                        Magik* Magik Orchestra.
Country: Gainesville, USA
Years Active: 1999-present
Song: "Pale Horse"
Album: Cellar Door cd
Year: 2004
For fans of: Waxwing, Rocky Votolato, Elliot Smith, The Cure and Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes).

Alrighty. I like JOHN VANDERSLICE. I love his older albums, but I am not gelling with his new stuff. It's not bad, but it certainly doesn't hold a candle to 'Time Travel is Lonely' and 'Cellar Door', which are two of the most original alternative/folksy records I've heard in decades.

Not only is his old material very consistent, catchy, unique and honest, but his lyrics are phenomenal. Some good examples are:
"teeny tiny little teens keep pouring out of my machine
I just typed a word and I
Just pressed return
Someone makes this easy
Someone makes this inevitable
So for bring me here
people stray, just dont say i'll never make it back intact.

teeny tiny little teens keep pouring out of my machine
backdoors passwords galore
only the hackers
only the feds
know just how far out i've been
so for bringing me here.."

*(from "Bill Gates Must Die" - 'Mass Suicide Occult Figurines')


"Hold on keep it together
Hold on
No one, no one has ever
Made it so far in time
No one x5
Not no one
Knows what happens next

Because time travel is lonely

Listen, wear your headphones
And I'll whisper you the code
Of a helper application
That you can download
It's called Remember
Casue no one
No one x4
Knows what happens next

Because time travel is lonely"

(from "Time Travel is Lonely" - 'Time Travel is Lonely').

The only thing I'll say about his sound is that the acoustic tracks are backed with a full band, and songs like "Pale Horse" and "Coming and Going on Easy Terms" showcase this driving, thumping sound - coupled with JOHN VANDERSLICE's distinct wail.

Listed below is his discography, as well as tracks that I deem notable. So take note, goddammit.

youtube ))))embedded audio(((( links and DISCOGRAPHY
2000 - Mass Suicide Occult Figurines cd/LP
"Bill Gates Must Die" ALBUM VERSION
2001 - Time Travel is Lonely cd/LP
"My Old Flame" LIVE
2001 - Sunset Valley split 7"
2001 - Insound Support Series EP
2002 - Life and Death of an American Fourtracker cd/LP
"Underneath the Leaves" LIVE
2003 - Mountain Goats split 7"
2004 - Cellar Door cd/LP
"Pale Horse" LIVE (playing for kids)
2005 - Pixel Revolt cd/LP
2005 - Scott Solter Pixel Revolt in Analog Remixes mp3/LP
2005 - Five Years cd (compilation)
2006 - Suddenly It All Went Dark: Live cd/LP
2006 - Trace Manual mp3/EP
2007 - Emerald City cd/LP
2009 - Romanian Names cd/LP
2009 - Too Much Time 7"
2009 - Mountain Goats split: Moon Colony Bloodbath cd/LP
2010 - Green Grow the Rushes mp3/12"LP
2010 - D.I.A.L.O. 7"
2011 - White Wilderness (collaboration w/Magik*Magik Orchestra) cd/LP
2013 - Plays Diamond Dogs mp3/12"LP
2013 - Dagger Beach 12"LP
2013 - Rarities mp3/LP

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