Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 9th - GRAF ORLOCK loves amazing movies and creative packaging

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s ninth and, thus far, FREAKING MOST TAXING official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #31:

Thought provoking, not just fun, quotes from 80s and 90s action movies litter this extremely caustic band's releases. GRAF ORLOCK never stray far from their self-imposed genre of 'cinema-grind', which for the most part incorporates a lot of aggressive hardcore with very quick drumming, some amazing breakdowns, bizarre song structures and a tough-guy hardcore singer trading vocals with a scathing grind singer, who is not far-removed from Converge and Usurp Synapse.

The lyrics and song titles are always based on a movie. ALWAYS. Every single song includes at least 1 audio clip from the movie, and a few songs close with mash-ups of GRAF ORLOCK's signature cinema-grind breakdowns and an audio clip of the orchestra straight out of the movie - check the audio link for that! I grew up completely in sync with the films they are referencing - so everything, literally everything about this band makes me salivate (but the noise makes my wife cringe). In the discography below I have given a basic run-down of each release and track.

The band's discography is worth the purchase for the artwork/lyrics alone. Each album looks completely professional but is very DIY and extremely creative. I'm all for buying records and getting rid of them once you outgrow them, but stuff like this I will never sell. Look below at the pictures of the releases that I was able to get my hands on. The earlier stuff didn't have the creative packaging, so I sold their demo split and never bothered acquiring the first 2 cds.

By far, GRAF ORLOCK is one of the most exciting all-around bands that I have ever had the pleasure of forking my money over to.

For the video/audio links, scroll down to the bottom of this post - but first take a gander at the releases, and information regarding said releases, before listening.


2003 - Split 7" w/Hurry Up and Kill Yourself
These three tracks hit up a mix of Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) and Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom (1984).
1 - Your Brother Was An Asshole
2 - Brorg
3 - Kali de Shok de Day

2004 - Corpserate Greed cd
Some tracks are demos that end up on later albums. This is a basically a Destination Time demo:
1 - Prove It = [Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)]
2 - Piss Rug = [The Big Lebowski (1998)]
3 - Skynet = [Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)]
4 - Cops Don't Like Me = [Robocop (1987)]
5 - Shit Happens = [Predator 2 (1990)]
6 - Todd and Jannel Are Dicks = [Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)]
7 - Marmot = [The Big Lebowski (1998)]
8 - Corpserate Greed = [Bad Boys 2 (2003)]

2004 - Self Titled cd
1 - Trailer  = [Die Hard: Trailer]
2 - Hans Gruber = [Die Hard (1988)]
3 - Farmer Maggot = [The Lord of the Rings (2001)]
4 - Coppin Z's = [Platoon (1986)]
5 - Church Murder aka Murder in a Church = [Die Hard: Die Harder (1990)]

2005 - Split 12" w/Greyskull
Most tracks are characters from Total Recall (the good version, goddamn remakes):

1 - Intro
2 - Hauser
3 - Vilos Cohaagen
4 - George / Quato
5 - Interlude
6 - Melina
7 - Bob McClane
8 - Richter
9 - Dr. Edgemar

 The vinyl is slid into a paper backpack complete with buttons and a lyric sheet made to look like a school report that folds and fits in the pocket. This was my first Graf purchase, and still stands as one of their best releases.


2006 - Destination Time Yesterday LP/cd
1 - Tactical Destruction = [Red Dawn (1984)]
2 - 50 Year Storm = [Point Break (1991)]
3 - Not Economically Viable = [Falling Down (1993)]
4 - Improvement Society = [Demolition Man (1993)]
5 - Dutch and the Demon = [Predator (1987)]
6 - Prove It = [Terminator 2 (1991)]
7 - Massacre! Main Title = NOT SURE! PLEASE POST IF YOU KNOW!
8 - Captives of Thuggee = [Indiana Jones 2: The Temple of Doom (1984)]
9 - Rotten Kid = [Robocop 2 (1990)]
10 - Hauser = [Total Recall (1990)]
11 - Personal Stuff = [Con Air (1997)]
12 - Panic at the Galleria = [Commando (1985)]
13 - Border Crossing = [From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)]
14 - Mahmot = [The Big Lebowski (1998)]
15 - A Chat With the Pentagon = [Under Siege (1992)]

 Pretty simple packaging here. Briefcase with money inside of it. This is their best release, musically, though.


The cd version comes in a 2-sided plastic/paper 'facehugger' case with a human head on the actual cd. Absolutely amazing.

2007 - Destination Time Tomorrow LP/cd
1 - Game Time = [Aliens (1986)]
2 - A Shocking Interrogation = [Lethal Weapon (1987)]
3 - A Misappropriation of Sector Resources = [True Lies (1994)]
4 - Corpserate Greed = [Bad Boys 2 (2003)]
5 - A Waste of Ammo = [Alien: Resurrection (1997)]
6 - I Think I'm Going to Love the Future = [Demolition Man (1993)]
7 - Todd and Janelle = [Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)]
8 - The Dream Left Behind = [Jurassic Park (1993]

The 10" LP version has to be my favourite. It's skin-coloured vinyl with stomach hairs and a gatefold cover with 3D alien bursting out at your goddamned face.


2009 - Destination Time Today LP
1 - Chapter III = [Shooter (2007)]
2 - Run Over By a Truck = [Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)]
3 - Franky; Buying Dog Food = [Out for Justice (1991)]
4 - An Interest in Politics = [The Fugitive (1993)]
5 - Not Our Problem = [Three Kings (1999)]
6 - Days of High Adventure = [Conan: The Barbarian (1982)]
7 - Deluxe Mental Hospital Tour = [12 Monkeys (1995)]
8 - Jamming in Traffic = [The Last Boy Scout (1991)]
9 - Pre-Retirement Nerves; "Cop Killers" = [Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)]
10 - Talking Terrorism = [The Rock (1996)]
11 - Murder on the MTA = [Collateral (2004)]
12 - A Bad Day in Africa [Congo (1995)]
13 - A Voice of America's Sons = [Cobra (1986)]

This gatefold 12" has a transparency on the front flap that is used as a sniper's scope. The insert unfolds into a giant poster of 10 people who were assassinated, one of whom who should have been, and some information/opinions on  them.                

2011 - Doombox 10"EP/Destination Time compendium cd (collects ALL 3 DT releases)
ALL 'Doombox' tracks are about inner cities/gangs/racism etc.:

1 - Wrecking Crew = [Juice (1992)]
2 - Job Hunt = [Harsh Times (2005)]
3 - Arrested at Lunch = [The King of New York (1990)]
4 - South Central = [Boyz n the Hood (1991)]
5 - 1993: A Week B4 Graduation = [NOT SURE! PLEASE POST IF YOU KNOW!]
6 - New Years Eve 1999 = [NOT SURE! PLEASE POST IF YOU KNOW!]

     10" clear vinyl packaging folds out... create cd/vinyl case that doubles as...

                   ...a sexy ass boombox!


2012 - Los Angeles
ALL tracks are about the film Heat:

1 - Dead Man Talking
2 - No Attachments
3 - Couples Seeking Comfort/No Point
4 - Quick on the Trigger

Awesome packaging here. 3 different covers
with actual bullet holes in them. Every one is an


Lastly: here are some shirts that I grabbed from their website about 5 years ago.

GRAF ORLOCK - Hauser (youtube link to official music video)

GRAF ORLOCK - Border Crossing (youtube link to audio track)

GRAF ORLOCK - The Dream Left Behind (youtube link to audio track)


  1. Dude if you're ever up for selling your old tees hit me up,

    1. I don`t think I`ll ever sell the old ones but there`s a Jurassic Park and a Nicholas Cage GRAF ORLOCK shirt in my Zegema Beach Records distro.

  2. man that was amazing..I really appreciated it,
    do you have the information of the movie quotes for the new album?
    that´d be brutal lol

    1. They created the movie quotes! They're an idea for the film or perhaps from the actual film itself...I dunno!

  3. I am fucking proud of myself through some extensive digging cos I was racking my brain trying to remember it. The clip from Massacre!/Main Title is from Invasion USA.

  4. hey bud, love what you did here

    the last two tracks on the DOOMBOX EP are:
    4. Watts 1993; A week before graduation is from 'Menace II Society'
    5. New Year's Eve 1999 is from 'Belly'
    as a huge DMX fan, i instantly recognized him and knew it wasnt from his music. no lie, watch Belly and the monologue at the end where Gorlock pulled the lyrics is such an amazing scene

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  6. Looking for the hurry up and kill yourself tracks. Anyone help?

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