Saturday 4 May 2013

May 4th - CARLOS CIPA has made me obsessed with the piano

WELCOME TO (((((OPEN mind SATURATED brain)))))'s fourth official post! The MP3 mix for May is linked from May 1st's post.

This post's artist is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #2:

First off, I think EVERYONE WHO APPRECIATES MUSIC will really eat this up. General, I know. But most likely accurate.

I downloaded this cd at the end of 2012 from an unknown source and I came across it by chance in my giant folder of music earlier this year - thank science and nature for that!!! CARLOS CIPA's 'The Whole Truth' cd has made my brain tap in to a new area of music that I simply couldn't appreciate before. I don't know shit about pianos, but now I'm learning (or, at least, attempting to). Due to my substantial lack of actual knowledge (weeeeeeeee!), I will quickly say that this piano-only album sounds like new Inception-style scores for rock/screamo/metal lovers.

Aaaaaaand I just found out there's a video for the best song on the album! Check it!

CARLOS CIPA - The Whole Truth (video link to youtube page)

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