Monday 27 May 2013

May 27th - ANIMAL FACES bring the mosh

This post's artist (ANIMAL FACES) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #25.

Hailing from Toronto, I must say that ANIMAL FACES have to be by far the most driving and engrossing bands out there. To elaborate, I will describe my recent experience at their show. Showing no lack of depth as a 3-piece, once they kicked into their set, I noticed that I started gingerly nodding my head - and by the end of the first song I'd almost thrown my back out. ANIMAL FACES play equal parts dreamy noodling, mathy mosh and throaty screaming. If and when they release a full length (although I hope it would be more in the direction of the EPs, and not the recent split), it will most likely cause me to cheerspasm (note: not a word) with joy and then immediately clutch my back in pain.

ANIMAL FACES may draw from a variety of influences; as I hear riffing that sounds similar to LautrecLa Quiete and Raein on the title track 'Anomie', there are some nods (whether intentional or not) to North of America, We Were Skeletons, Town Portal and Twelve Hour Turn, but they most certainly have a sound all their own. A second here or there and I think I can put a finger on it and relate their sound to others - just to realize that the part only lasts a few seconds.  Ryan, the vocalist/guitarist certainly has a voice that I really don't feel like I can compare to anything. Indie rock screamo? Sure, why not.

Lastly, I promised an ANIMAL FACES interview when this blog started, but sadly it was not to be. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to that post - as I know now not to post news until it actually happens.

*I learned recently that Nick, the bassist/clean vocalist for ANIMAL FACES used to play bass and perform vocal duties for Creeper, who have since acquired a new vocalist and kick some serious ass. Check them out their review and giant interview with me, here.

2010 - Analytical Dreaming cd/7"EP (stream here) (purchase 7" here) (purchase cd here)

2012 - Anomie cd/12"EP (stream here) (purchase cd here)

2013 - Split w/Solids 7" (stream here) (purchase here)

youtube audio links
ANIMAL FACES - A Deep Thought
ANIMAL FACES - Breathe Lightly

live vids
ANIMAL FACES - Living Spaces (2013)
ANIMAL FACES - Can't See Why / Forward Through / Sleep Tightly (2013)
ANIMAL FACES - Can`t See Why (2011)

ANIMAL FACES - Forward Through (youtube link to official music video)



  1. Why wouldn't they do the interview?

  2. Great band! Too bad about the interview, though. I was really looking forward to hearing their thoughts.

  3. Ryan mentioned that my questions were really dense and he wanted the music to speak for itself, rather than taking on the personalities of individuals in the band. Maybe in the future, but I'm assuming not.