Tuesday 21 May 2013

May 21st - RAMONA CORDOVA the enigma, man or woman?

This post's artist (RAMONA CORDOVA) is from the April 2013 Mix, this is track #23.

Let's get two things straight. The first, RAMONA CORDOVA is not a woman, but he is actually a man named Ramon Alarcon. The second, he sounds like a woman.

Okay, so he sounds like a guy, too. But when he goes falsetto, holy shit - he puts the following vocalists (the first to come to my mind) to shame in terms of hitting some very high notes:
The Strokes
Circa Survive/Anthony Green
Coheed & Cambria
Jeff Buckley

One may even liken him to the Bee Gees. Regardless, his fluttering voice (although almost childish at times) and his ability to write beautifully crafted vocal melodies are both absolutely phenomenal. Ramon sings, uses an acoustic guitar, occasional group chanting and some hand claps to play a surreal style of childish folk music. There are certainly hints of Elliot Smith, but otherwise I'm having trouble with comparisons. Listen to the links and decide for yourself, and hopefully I can finally talk to someone about this guy and where in the hell he went after recording this gem.

I have included one straight forward acoustic track (Heavy on My Mind), followed by one of his stranger but still fantastic songs (Giver's Reply) - with a live and well shot video (Brother) closing out the links below.

The album has a story, and it's all described in the liner notes. That's your motivation to find and buy a copy of this. I got mine of Ebay for a few bucks.

2006 - The Boy Who Floated Freely cd

2006 - Split cd w/Stephen Brodsky (mostly previously released material + live songs)

RAMONA CORDOVA - Heavy on My Mind (audio link to youtube)

RAMONA CORDOVA - Giver's Reply (audio link to youtube)

RAMONA CORDOVA - Brother (live video link to youtube)

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